Reasons to Visit Germany

Beautiful buildings on the main street of the medieval town of Rothenburg in Germany

One country that has been really overlooked by travelers all these years has been Germany. The country is known more for its technology, electronics, and industries than for its stunning landscapes, beautiful castles, and cultural diversity. The reason is obvious. When you have such popular neighbors like Switzerland, France, Croatia, and Austria, it is bound to happen. However, Germany is a diverse country that has a lot to offer tourists. Many of the reasons may not be so visible to the normal traveler. So, let us list them down.

For the Stunning Castles

Germany has numerous fairytale castles dating back to medieval times. The quaint castles in Germany are bound to leave you awe-struck. Though all the castles are beautiful, few like Neuschwanstein and Heidelberg are stunning and architectural marvels. They are enough to make a trip to Germany worthwhile.

Unique Fests

Germany knows how to celebrate and enjoy life. Festivals like Oktoberfest, the Rhine in Flames, Nuremberg Christmas Market, pumpkin festivals, etc. are not only unique but gives you an opportunity to enjoy unlimited beer, traditional celebrations, amazing food, and wonderful camaraderie with the locals. The amazing festivities have all the elements to make your vacation fun-filled and different. Berlin Film festival is also one of the most popular film festivals in the world.

Gorgeous Landscapes

If you thought that Germany is devoid of the stunning landscapes possessed by its famous neighbors, you are mistaken. From mystical forests and craggy mountains to enchanting rivers and lush-terraced vineyards – Germany is richly endowed with natural beauty. Black Forest, Bavarian Alps, Moselle Valley, Baltic Sea, Harz Mountains, Zugspitze – Germany has a very diverse and vibrant landscape.

Rich History

If you are interested in history, Germany is the place to visit. You will get glimpses of history all over Germany – in the tons of museums, the iconic Berlin Wall, multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the enchanting castles & churches, and even small villages and towns. The architecture is a tantalizing mix of Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic, and Modern designs that would leave a lasting impression on you. The German cities were destroyed during World War II, but they have been rebuilt in a way that the original architecture and old-world charm are kept intact.

Transit System

No one can beat Germany in its vast and efficient network of roads and railways. The country has a rail network of nearly 22,000 miles and the autobahn spread around 8,000 miles. Germany’s autobahn is world-famous and everyone aspires to drive on those beautiful roads. Deutsche Bahn (trains) may be expensive, but they are well-connected, convenient, super-fast, punctual, and very comfortable. Traveling through Germany via this efficient, punctual, and painless transport system is a pleasure. The transit system is really well spread out and you should not have a problem reaching any part of the country.

Safe Destination

Germany is a very safe destination to travel to. Germans are amiable and genuine people and you would feel very secure connecting with them. You can take a taxi at night, wander alone at odd hours, or travel solo without any qualms. If you use common sense and take normal precautions, you should not have any safety issues in any part of Germany. The language is not a barrier and communicating with the locals is not a difficult task.

 Strategic Location

Germany is right in the middle of Central Europe, making it an ideal place to explore the region. Germany is surrounded by nine borders and countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, and Denmark – a perfect place to plan travel to any of the stunning countries. Don’t forget that Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt are really well-connected to the rest of the world making Germany a very viable starting point to explore picturesque Central Europe.

After reading all the above-mentioned reasons, I hope you are convinced that Germany deserved a place on your bucket list.



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  9. Nice list of reasons to visit Germany. Castles and Oktoberfest itself sell themselves. Some of the poignant monuments of history is worth a visit I guess. As a football enthusiast I would love to visit Berlin, Munich and Dortmund someday.

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