10 Simple Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Home Garage

The most neglected part of a home is the garage. Many people ignore it while remodeling or constructing their homes. The same happened to me. My partner and I had a plan for every room when remodeling. We even picked from the best vivint security packages to make our house secure. But, we completely skipped the garage.

We don’t realize that a garage could be so much more than a place to store discarded household items. And so, we made a plan to empty the garage, reorganize everything, and remodel it to make the space more useful. Here are some interior design ideas that helped me a lot to upgrade our garage. It also made it way more functional without exceeding our budget. Get ready to be inspired.

1: Paint It In a Cheerful Color

The easiest thing you can do to transform your garage on a budget is to repaint it. Our garage felt like a cave dweller. We decided to make it a reflection of us by painting the walls with leftover paint.

2: Don’t Forget the Floor

Just like the walls, the floors don’t have to be dull. You can always experiment with different colors and patterns.

3: Make It Dual Functional Space

We decided to make the garage a home office and a party pad. One half was basically my home office and the other half was a chilling spot. I already had a desk and a chair since I was working from home. We simply moved them to the garage and made a few more additions to give it my taste. We did, however, bought a few items for the party pad section.

4: Use the Ceiling

It’s natural to use the floor for organizing items. Nobody thinks of the ceiling. Turns it, by hanging items on the ceiling, you can make your garage spacious and maximize the storage space at the same time.

The items that can be hanged include harnesses, winter gear, bicycles, tools, ropes, etc. You can also buy a large net and install it on the ceiling for hanging/storing items like sleeping bags or extra blankets. It will be easier to access these items whenever you want.

5: Don’t Forget the Lights

Wall lighting isn’t traditionally found in garages. There are just one or two hanging bulbs to light up the room. When revamping your garage, consider adding more lights to make the room more inviting. LED ribbon lights are a great addition.

Allow the lights to turn on when the garage door opens for an impact. Remote switches can enable activation. Another idea is to install sconces for an ambiance.

6: Utilize the Wall Space

Don’t have enough space for installing shelving units? In that case, use the walls by adding hooks and installing storage bins on the wall directly. Then, store everything in order.

7: Install a Window

For my home office, we considered adding a window so that I always have a view I can look at. This addition turned out to be very useful because it lets natural light into the garage.

If you are fortunate enough to have a nice view outside your garage, then I recommend adding a window.

8: Add a Folding Bench

Who doesn’t like more counter space! The best way to do that is by adding a folding bench. It’s perfect if you need counter space for your projects. Once you are done, just fold it up and you would be saving floor space. You can also build one with an incorporated cupboard for storing tools. Can’t add a folding bench? A fold-down work desk would do the trick as well.

9: Upgrade the Garage Door

If your budget allows, upgrading the garage door is a wonderful investment. It can magically make your garage livelier. We went for a simpler approach. A slap of paint was all that’s needed to revitalize the door.

10: Introduce Some Plants

A quick trick to transform a dull and gloomy garage space is to introduce plants. When investing in plants, go for the ones that can survive indoors. Also, choose the plants with flowers for a color blast.

With these simple tips, you can quickly turn your dark and gloomy garage into a space you can’t get enough of!

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