10 Strategies To Make Your AdWords Campaign A Success

Have you ever wondered why some Google ads are successful, and others fail miserably? The success and failure of Google ads depend on their campaign strategy. There are millions of hacks, tricks, strategies, and tips about Google Ads. Advology Solution, Gurgaon’s best PPC Advertising Agency, has devised some great strategies to create a Google Ads campaign.

  • Use Google Keyword Planner

The keyword research tool list is inadequate without Google Keyword Planner. The latter can gain from pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. Likewise, UberSuggest is a popular keyword research tool that can help you get ideas about keywords for your business. Prior to creating an ad group, you have to use this research tool to find the top keywords for your business.

  • Use Google Analytics to track Google Ads conversions

Make sure to optimize all your Google Ads campaigns for conversion. However, when you focus on brand awareness, ensure that your customers fill out forms, engage with your site, and complete sales.

You’ll need to set up your Google Analytics goals, then link your Google Analytics account to Google Ads. Following that, easily import Google Analytics goals as conversions. Optimize your campaign for those conversions to get a precise estimate of your campaign results. You can also take professional advice from Digital Marketing Agency Columbus or PPC Advertising Agency which excel in boosting such campaigns.

  • Use target CPA or ROAS strategy

Manual CPC was previously used as the primary bidding strategy for Google Ads, but today methods such as Returns-on-ad spend (ROAS) and target cost-per-action (CPA) exist. PPC Advertising Agency uses such intelligent and automated bidding strategies, to make the most of their PPC budget. You can follow the module too.

Google Ads can use campaign data to recognize which keywords and clients are most likely to convert. Let Google Ads adapt their bids in real-time to generate more conversions and conversion value.

  • Use Remarketing Audiences

The best strategy for Google, and YouTube ads is remarketing to help you approach users who have previously visited your website or a specific page of your site.

Use Google Ads or Google Analytics to create a Remarketing Audience and then use them to target your campaign. People who have visited your website and have shown interest in a particular product or service have not yet converted and become remarketing audiences.

  • Use Custom Intent Audience

You can build your niche audiences particularly for your brand. Enter the keyword that your readers are most likely use while searching for your business. Following this, Google will find audience whose interests align with your content. This is how you can target your display campaign and videos.

  • Use audience targeting

You can target audiences by narrowing the audience to specific audiences in your search campaign or by bidding on or lowering the audience. By targeting keywords for a particular service or product on your website, you can use people who have already visited your site to target an audience.

Using audience targeting, you can reach the right people at the right time and use audience exclusions to get more revenue for your budget.

  • Create Multiple Ads

One of the best practices of PPC advertising agency is to create multiple ads per ad group. It does not matter which PPC advertising agency you are using to run ads; Optimize the ads your campaign is showing by creating three or more ads for each ad group.

Google Ads will automatically optimize the ads you find in each ad group to get conversion data. It is advisable to craft new ads through Google Ads regularly to ensure your campaign is optimized.

  • Use all ad extensions

Try to use all ad extensions that can align with your business and create an extension of site link, callout, app, price, review, location, affiliate, promotion, and message. Ensure usage of all relevant Google Ads extensions to add more information to your ad.

  • Find negative keywords Find

Campaign data will show search term data that helps people land on your ad. Use the search terms report to elimate those keywords from the campaign and add them to the negative keyword list. By using negative keywords, people interested in your services or products will see your Google Ads.

  • Separate campaigns for Google search, display, and YouTube video ads

All ads are display ads, video ads, and Google search ads are diverse, and they perform independently. Never encompass the same campaign on the Display or Search network because the two have different targeting. When creating a campaign, ensure to create a separate campaign for each network for your ad to be prosperous. Test all the other campaign types and evaluate their results to see which kind of campaign will provide the best conversion for you.


Hopefully, the Google Ads Strategy Guide prepared by the reputed PPC advertising agency Advology Solution can help you create a victorious ad campaign.

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