10 Things you didn’t know about small business loan index

Due to various reasons, the MSME sector is growing quite rapidly worldwide. Therefore, along with the growth of the businesses, lending activities are also increasing in the same manner. Due to this reason, the number of money-lending companies is also expanding at a higher rate.

However, like anything else, before you opt for any one of them, you would need to know a few things about small business loan index first. It would help you to avoid any problematic issues or inconveniences.  

  1. Taking loans from banks can be difficult

Unlike a few other agencies, the banks generally offer a much more affordable term regarding loans. However, the requirement bar of these organizations is quite high. To get a small business loan from them, you would have to go through a lot of time-consuming legal steps.

Besides,  you would also require a particular amount of annual revenue to be eligible for their loan. Due to this reason, it becomes difficult for anyone to get a small loan from these banks.        

  1. It Is Quite Difficult For Startup Companies To Get Loan

Most startup companies usually apply for a small business loan to increase their economy, which is duly required for a business. However, just like the banks, most other moneylender organizations generally do not lend their capital if you are not in business for at least six months.

Besides that, you would need to have a certain amount of annual income to be eligible for applying for their loan. 

  1. Know about an amortization schedule

The amortization schedule is yet another thing that you need to know about before applying for a loan. A monthly instalment usually has two different components, which are: the principal component and the interest component. The amortization schedule enables you to know about the amount of principal and interest that you will have to repay on your payment schedule.

  1. EMI Can be the Best Option

EMI, also known as Equated Monthly Instalment, is a type of fixed payment, which you will have to pay in the first week of the month. With EMI, you can pay off both the principal as well as your interest. Due to this reason, most entrepreneurs generally opt for EMI rather than other payment options. It is better both in terms of your economy and convenience.

  1. Know about the money you need

Most business owners do not usually think much about the amount of money they do need before applying for a small business loan index. If you do seek more money than you need, then almost every money lender organization would reject your application.

  1. Smaller banks are ideal for small businesses

Even though the bigger banks have a much higher economy and capital, they usually do not show interest in small businesses. They typically work with larger customers who can pay them a much better amount of interest. Therefore, if you want some help with your cause, then it would better for you to take the help of the smaller banks.

  1. Learn more about APR

Learning more about the APR, or the Annual Percentage Rate, of a money lending company, is essential for you if you want to avoid any inconvenience. If you know about the APR of an organization, then you would also have some information about their prepayment penalties and other issues.

  1. Online lenders are not a good option

When the other options fail, most people usually opt for online lenders for loan purposes. While they generally provide funding lot more quickly than others, their terms and conditions, regarding small business loan index, are known to be quite weak. Besides, they also do ask for a high percentage of interest.

  1. The more the money, the higher the interest

 In most cases, if you have applied for a higher amount of capital, then you would have to pay a lot more interest than usual. It is evident in the cases of both smaller as well as bigger banks.  

  1. Learn from Rejections

If you are a small business owner and are applying for loans everywhere, then it is a no brainer that you will get rejected for the first few times. So, instead of feeling down about it, you would need to learn more from your mistakes.


If you have found out what went wrong, then make sure to avoid doing the same when you are going to the other money lenders.

Starting a new journey in the world of business and taking loans can be quite challenging for any entrepreneur. Therefore, if you want any help with your cause, then you can always opt for Indifi. They are a market leader in this field and can help you with anything and everything.

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