10 ways to get the walk-in closet of your dreams

A man is not always satisfied nor his dreams are limited. Man always dreams big irrespective of anything and desires to achieve it. One of the dreams of every man is a luxurious home with all his comforts which give him the feel of being in paradise. When we speak about a home we always think to décor our home with the best furniture accessories. At SIA (South India Agencies), we have all the fitting and accessories to modernize and upgrade your home according to

Your desire.


When it comes to bedroom decoration, we always wish to have a big and beautiful bedroom with all the comforts like a master bedroom with sliding door fittings,

a walk-in closet, and wardrobe fittings to organize all your clothes and footwear so that they don’t get messed up and easy to search. Walk-in closet reminds us of the magical world of Narnia and a dream of every child that they would have one to hide in with all the naughtiness.


There are 10 ways where you can get your dream wardrobe into a walk-in closet:


  • Transform the spare room into a walk-in closet: If you have a spare room you can modify it to a walk-in closet and even use it for multipurpose to store hang/fold clothes, makeup, easy to get dressed or you can make it as dressing room will all the necessary thing like shoes, bags, ties, etc.
  • Work with what you’ve got by making the use of corners and changing it to a closet. An odd corner of your room can be changed into a cosy walk-in closet with efficient light. The space can be efficiently used in a medium-size bedroom.
  • A reach-in wardrobe can be changed into a walk-in closet by expanding the shelves vertically for ease and more space for storage. You can use the height to store bed sheets, shoes etc.
  • You can combine the space between a bedroom and a bathroom to make it a walk-in closet. It would be very easy to get ready for the office and give a contemporary look to the room.
  • You must consider enough lights in your walk-in closet irrespective of the size whether narrow or broad.
  • Off-the-peg solutions would be the best if you don’t have a space or a small room. You can mount a couple of hooks on the wall for a small room.
  • An island or peninsula in your closet if there is enough space. An island can serve for multipurpose like extra storage space, and a tabletop as a dressing table will make it easy in the morning to get ready.
  • A chest of drawers that also provide us with plenty of storage space and at the same time give a sleek and organized look.
  • Create a cubby shelf with wood paneling and window to create a shop-like atmosphere that can give you a feel of window shopping at home.
  • Skyline in the ceiling can give natural daylight and even save your electricity. It would be a benefit for both low ceiling space and high ceiling space.


At South India Agencies, we offer you the best and most affordable walk-in closets. We also offer you the best designs of shower cubicles, sliding door fittings and a lot more. If you are looking for a glass fitting near you, then SIA would be the best option for you.


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