10 ways to improve your public speaking skills- Shiv Khera

Do you struggle with speaking in front of everybody? Are you also afraid of expressing yourself when in front of everyone? Does speaking in a meeting or a group discussion makes you very nervous? Then it is obvious that you are struggling with your communication skills. Keep reading this blog to get to know how to improve public speaking

Public speaking can be a  nut to crack if you have not been habitual of speaking onstage from a very young age. Most adults lack the exposure if speaking in front of an audience and therefore remain scared for most parts of their lives. Public speaking is an acquired skill that can be mastered with a lot of practice over a period of time. It will require you to come out of your comfort zone again and again and challenge yourself.

Practicing public speaking would require you to make public appearances in front of friends or family. It can be intimidating at the start. You might feel very uncomfortable and scared. It can make you nervous and forget everything that you had so speak. But nonetheless, the key is to keep trying and not give up. It is important that one makes a conscious decision not to be insecure. It is important that you don’t let what others say affect you. 

When a speaker is confident the audience is more likely to engage with what she says. The speaker is able to gain the trust of the audience by doing simple gestures such as making eye contact. One more engaging way of delivering a speech is through storytelling. People are more likely to believe a story. Moreover, the speaker is able to gain the trust of everybody listening in the audience. 

For anybody who hasn’t ever faced an audience, the best trick can be to revise the content thoroughly. One must try to deliver it in front of a mirror. This will help you see how you look while you deliver it and make eye contact. Once you have gained a little confidence you can try to deliver it in front of your friends and take their feedback. Taking constant feedback and incorporating it will help you become more polished in the art of delivering speeches. 

Public speaking is only possible when you make up your mind to step out of your comfort zone. Deciding that you want to take part in a public speaking competition in itself is a big step towards improving yourself. Whether it is an extracurricular activity or an interview, Communication skills are in high demand. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to try and improve in this domain. This will ensure that you will land your favorite job or crack any competitive interview. 

Each journey starts by taking small steps. So to know how to improve public speaking follow the 10 steps given below. 

  1. Speak and keep practicing- The most effective way to speak well is to keep speaking! You must practice often and with as many people as you are comfortable with.
  2. Think about your subject-  It is very important for you to be comfortable with the topic that you are speaking about. It is needed that you understand the topic thoroughly. The mere act of pondering about the topic of the speech will boost your confidence for the next time you speak. 
  3. Listen and read books and other material- Learning new words through books is great for learning vocabulary, but there are other ways you can increase your vocabulary- Watching movies, listening to music, or podcasts. When listening and reading, try to learn new and interesting language expressions, terms, and synonyms that you can use in everyday conversations. 
  4. Prepare your notes – A reason for nervousness with speaking is the feeling of not knowing enough about what to say. To overcome this, prepare your notes about what can you say on different occasions such as visiting a hospital or hanging out with friends.
  5. Talk to people on the phone- To become more confident over phone calls, start with having phone conversations with friends and people you are comfortable with – then move on to challenging calls such as making appointments or booking tables in a restaurant. 
  6. Record and listen to your voice-  Sometimes your fear is only in your head. If you record and listen to yourself you could be surprised to realize that your speaking is far better than you thought!
  7. Make eye contact with your audience.- Making eye contact ensures trust-building with your audience. 
  8. Learn small phrases rather than just single words- Another tip to improve your fluency is to practice speaking using a variety of phrases rather than individual words. 
  9. Take deep breaths before going on stage or in a cabin for an interview- This will help you calm down and relax your senses. It also helps you gather your thoughts before speaking. 
  10. Have fun- It is easier to learn something new when you’re enjoying and having fun. It is important that you take the pressure off and enjoy the process. 

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