15 New Android game. The best, worst, and everything.

15 new Android game. The best, worst, and everything.

Welcome to this roundup of this newest Android games which went live in the Play Store or have been seen by us at the preceding week or so.  Today’s set is divided into several sections, ranging from best, moderate, to fair game releases in the previous week.  So if you’re seeking the very best games of caliber or are just on the lookout for the most recent free-to-play gacha releases, then you are covered.  This week I’ve a fresh Bridge Constructor sport in Headup, an interesting idle game which also provides survival-based tactical gameplay, plus also a third-person exploration game where you fill the part of a fox and an individual in an intertwined narrative that all comes together at the end.  So without further ado, here are the newest and noteworthy Android games published during the week of November 16, 2020.

Best Games

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is the newest branded Bridge Constructor sport from Headup, and similar to the previous entries in the show, you’ll solve puzzles by constructing bridges.  This time round, you will do this to escape hordes of zombies, but if you have appreciated the previous entries in the show, you are going to enjoy this one also.  Fortunately this is a superior launch, so what you see is what you get, and what you buy is a capable mobile game which is pretty dang fun.

The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores Full Version – IAP

The Bonfire two: Uncharted Shores is a continuation of this Bonfire: Forsaken Lands, a wicked survival match which has been heavily text-based.  It would seem things are way more visual now round, and it might appear the series has changed to survival-based tactical gameplay.  Additionally, it is worth noting that this really is a superior release that is absolutely free to test, which means that you may just play until the 10th daily for free until you are going to need to pay $5 to unlock the remaining portion of the title.  Fortunately what is on offer is fairly entertaining, so in case you want to construct your own city when micromanaging your tools, I completely recommend this release.

The First Tree

The First Tree is called a third-person exploration match, but this is a story-heavy name that tells the story of a fox that is searching for its lost household whilst simultaneously delving into a narrative of a boy reconnecting with his estranged dad.  Both these tales result in heartfelt experiences, and the gorgeous music brings it all together for an adventure you should recall for weeks ahead.  On top of that, these stories intertwine, leading to a finish worth the asking price.

Tomb Toad

Tomb Toad is a brand new Crescent Moon launch, and as you can see, it gives monochromatic 8-bit images much like that of a classic Game Boy game.  You could even anticipate a chiptune soundtrack matching of such a name, but unlike most old games, there is some depth to the launch as a result of the name’s intriguing motion controllers.  These controllers are the way you are going to address the game’s many puzzles to be able to get past enemies and accomplish your objectives.  On top of that, this is an ambitious title, therefore it is going to take people some time to work through it, and that explains why this launch is easily worth the asking price.

DeLight: The Journey Home

DeLight: The Journey Home is a fantastic indie game where you are going to play with a blind woman, and how that can be introduced in the name works as the most important game mechanic.  You see, as you proceed, you’re add light to your environment, showing what is there, just as you would in case you were employing a white cane constructed for the blind.  It is an interesting mechanic which works nicely with the topic of the name, so if you’re searching for a fun adventure game that provides a exceptional installation, DeLight: The Journey Home is a good choice this week.

Age of History II Asia

Age of Background II Asia is the Newest in a long Lineup of Risk-like Matches from Ɓukasz Jakowski. Similar to the previous titles, you may opt to dominate the entire world or use diplomacy to merge everybody.  Players can expect a broader diplomatic system between cultures now around, which ought to please lovers of this Crusader Kings series.  More or less, this is a sequel which provides more content and polish compared to the original names, so in the event that you’ve enjoyed past strategy games out of Jakowski, you will have fun with this one also.


HardCrisis is tagged as a survival RPG, and it is somewhat similar to names such as Out There because you will always be thrown curve-balls you need to solve on your pursuit to live.  While the pixel-based images are easy, the survival game is enjoyable.  Therefore, in the event that you want to devote your time exploring an unknown world so as to correct the wreckage of your boat to escape your fresh planetary limit, then this is the sport for you.

Oceans Board Game Lite

Oceans Board Game Lite is an early access release, and it’s also a lite version of (I am assuming) a superior game that is yet to property on the Play Store.  Therefore, in the event that you want to have a first look at this electronic ocean-themed board game variation, today’s your opportunity.  Much like the bodily variant , you are going to spend time evolving sea monsters within an continually-evolving ecosystem.


Cheepaska is an easy PvP game in which you take on opponents one time so as to clean their side of this plank.  You will do it by making use of a slingshot mechanic to shoot your dots in the opposing dots around the board in a bid to be the previous one with a minimum of one dot staying on the board.  Basically you need to clean your opponent’s side of dots while still retaining as many of yours as you can.  Like I said, it is a very simple game, but it may be fun in short bursts, also it is totally free, possibly because it is still in early accessibility.

Balance Masters: Dance Stars

Balance Pros: Dance Stars is an easy causal launch that plays just like a rhythm game.  Your work is to serve individuals in a restaurant, but so as to not spill the meals, you are going to need to tap the display to the defeat of this game’s music.  Should you maintain a fantastic tempo, then you will do fine, but if you fail, you are going to drop the meals, and it is game over.  Like I said, this is a very simple launch, but it is fun enough in brief bursts in case you’re searching for a timewaster.

Econia. Become an Idle Tycoon

YesEconia Become a Idle Tycoon is an idle sport, but it delivers some thickness, unlike nearly all idlers out there.  Basically this sport is a company simulation that unites city-building to make an exceptional experience that is really quite enjoyable.  While the sport can be monetized better, you can find worse names out there for certain.  Therefore, if you’re searching for an idle game which truly offers enjoyable mechanics which feel rewarding, then you might want to check out Econia.

Hellopet House

Hellopet House is a cute launch where you are going to amass pets while constructing a foundation (in your in-game Grandmother’s home ).  Regrettably Grandma has gone missing, so you are going to need to finish gardening, cooking, and crafting jobs so as to enhance your Grandmother’s home, while amassing adorable pets.  As you would expect of any free-to-play collection sport, Hellopet House is currently monetized aggressively, along with the repetitive gameplay convinced does not help this name stand out .

Heroes War: Counterattack

Heroes War: Counterattack is your most recent generic team-based RPG to property on the Play shop, and like MARVEL Strike Force and its many clones, you’re collect heroes to be able to accept numerous team-based fights in which you just tap the cards onto your display to pull off your own moves.  It is a played-out genre that is not helped by the likes of Com2uS’s generic releases attempting to lazily capitalize on tendencies rather than creating fun or interesting matches.  Yep, this is just another gacha money catch, something this programmer excels in.

Arcade Hockey 21

Even hockey games offer you a gaping mouth on the Play Store.  Yep, this is where we’re in, and it is disgusting.  Honestly, this name’s icon was my first hint this game proved to be an idle money catch, although the excessive in-app buys sealed the offer.  Therefore, if you’re trying to find a generic F2P hockey game that provides awful graphics, you are in luck because that is precisely what Arcade Hockey 21 brings to the table.

Mini Militia

It is the best Android Multiplayer game in my view. Although this is the last game on this list. But this game is my best multiplayer game in my life. Mini Militia Games Have Many more ultra level facilities to make the game more interesting.

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