2-D Materials Market Application 2020 Top Manufacturers Data, Share Evaluation, Upcoming Investments, Recent Developments, Innovations 2027


The growing market for 2D materials has been segmented in the report on the basis of material and application. Such segmentation allows ample understanding of dynamics and factors that help in taking the market forward. This is also essential to promote global market growth.

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By material, the global market for 2D materials can be segmented into Graphene, TMDCs, black phosphorus, Boron nitride, and others. Graphene has substantial scope to permeate across diverse industries. Recent developments in its better application are also going to ensure strong percolation across industries.

By application, the global market report on the 2D materials can be segmented into aerospace, semiconductor, healthcare, consumer electronics, energy, and others. The semiconductor industry would benefit much due to the growing technological inclusion across sectors. In aerospace and healthcare, a better investment is going to ensure strong uptake.


The global 2-D Materials market is all set to grow with a significant CAGR during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027, at the end, which would also surpass the predicted market valuation. Market Research Future (MRFR) has made these claims in their recently-published report on the 2D materials market.

The global market for 2D materials has a high chance of growth ahead in the coming years as its features like corrosion resistance, optically transparent, the conductivity of heat & electricity, and flexibility would help the market gain traction in several quarters. It would gain strong backing from end user industries like semiconductors and electronics. Hike in automation in various end user industries is also going to allow better market acceptance. Better defense budget allocations would also provide ample expansion scope to the market.

Competitive Landscape:

The global market of 2D materials is getting ample support from several companies working in the market. Their strategic moves are assisting in developing scope to fetch more revenues. These moves include mergers, collaborations, branding, acquisitions, the launching of new products, innovations, and others. Companies making significant impact in the global 2D materials are Abalonyx AS (Norway), 2-D tech (U.K.), Planar Tech (U.S.), ACS materials (U.S.), Thomas-swan (U.K.), Garmor (U.S.), BASF SE (Germany), Nitronix (U.S.), and XG Sciences, Inc. (U.S.)

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Regional Market:

The global 2D materials market report has significant insights about the market is going to perform in the coming days. This would be backed by information on various growth pockets and demographic information. The North American market is in charge of the global market as several end user industries are using these materials to get an edge in the market. Various research and development work with better funding is also helping the market growth rate. Regional countries like the US and Canada would contribute to the growth significantly. In addition, the presence of countries like Planar Tech, Nitronix, Garmor, ACS materials, and XG Sciences, Inc. can ensure a strong growth rate.  

In Europe, the development would be fostered by increasing the involvement of the electronics sector. This is conceivable due to the high assimilation of the sector in various end users like defense, healthcare, smart gadgets, and others. The Asia Pacific market is evolving as a prominent market as several emerging economies are contributing much to the market by developing its infrastructure. Countries like Japan, China, Thailand, and others are making a substantial profit by launching various projects to bolster market growth.

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Industry News:

In January 2020, researchers at Nanjing University claimed that they have come up with a process that would help in developing wrinkle-free graphene. They have introduced this technology as ultra-flat graphene, which could help the electronics segment considerably.

In January 2020, researchers from Penn State, Northeastern University, Rice University, and Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in Brazil, developed a technology that would detect cracks in 2D materials with better efficiency. The technology would include laser and second harmonic generation.

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