20 Problems Only Girls With Long Hair Extensions Will Understand

Thanks to hair extensions, you can now have the long, luscious, beautiful hair that you have been dreaming of in a blink of an eye! They are an instant solution to all your hair problems. Wearing them might seem like an easy thing to do because you don’t have to take care of it like your own natural hair, right? Well, sorry to say this, but you’d be wrong. While wearing extensions is a great way to enhance your natural locks, they come with a whole host of drawbacks and require a huge commitment. Here are 20 struggles only girls with extensions will understand.

  1. They take some time getting used to.

It will certainly feel strange at first to suddenly have a lot of hair on your head. Whether you can try clip-ins, tape-ins, glue-ins, keratin bond, pre-bonded, sew-in, or a weave, the constant feeling of having something in your hair can be annoying and uncomfortable. As you get used to it, you will be more chilled.

  1. They are heavy and hot

At first, long hair extensions don’t feel good. They pull on your natural hair, making your head feel very heavy. That’s why stylists say you have to give your mane a break every six weeks or so to make sure the extra weight doesn’t start causing bald patches on your head. Also, when you suddenly add extra hair on your head, you will find your upper half body overheating quickly, thanks to your new hairdo.

  1. Synthetic hair extensions, though affordable, are not as good as real human hair extensions.

Synthetic hair extensions are usually just a fraction of the cost of real human hair, so they are the most affordable. But hair extensions made of synthetic extensions do not last long and are typically very difficult to style as they cannot be straightened, curled, dyed, or toned. Therefore, synthetic hair extensions are often known to not blend undeviatingly with natural hair because of these factors. With hair extensions, you honestly do get what you pay for. 

If you are on a tight budget or if you just want to wear them for a night, at least make sure you get a colour that matches your real hair undetectably.



  1. Human hair extensions are great, but they come with a hefty price tag.

Since they are made of real human hair, you can do everything with it just like your own hair like heat style, wash, dry, etc., and they also blend well with your own hair. So it’s always better to go for real human hair extensions as synthetic hair extensions do not look as authentic and do not last as long. Therefore human hair, as a general rule, is more expensive than synthetic hair because of its superior quality. Virgin human hair is the highest-quality extension and is made of 100% human hair that has not been treated with chemicals. This is also the most expensive.

Apart from purchasing the hair and getting them installed, you also need to invest in tools, accessories, products, and timely visits to the salon to now take care of the hair.

  1. The application is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. 

Just like there are different types of hair extensions, there are also different methods of installing them. Commonly used hair extension applications are tape hair extensions, micro-link hair extensions, weave hair extensions, and pre-bonded/fusion extensions. If you opt for permanent hair extensions like these, the entire process of installation would take about no less than two to four hours and is very time-consuming. You would have to spend half your day sitting on a salon chair. Whereas for temporary use, you can consider clip-in extensions.

  1. You have to get a haircut with the extensions flawlessly. 

Whether you like it or not, you have to get a haircut to blend the extensions with your own hair no matter what type of extensions you use, be it clip-in extensions or permanent ones. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fake your way to natural-looking locks.

  1. They keep tangling 

One of the most frustrating things about having hair extensions is having to constantly deal with knots and tangles, especially if they are long. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also be quite painful and damaging as you can’t fully brush your hair when you have extensions in. The only best solution is to be careful on windy days, to avoid tossing your head around too much, braid your hair when you go to bed, and use hair sprays while styling.



  1. You always have to do your hair no matter what.

When you wear extensions, there is no such thing as a wash-and-go style like you would normally do with your natural hair on a lazy day. You have to either curl your hair or straighten it to blend it all together.

  1. You also cannot brush your hair as you did before extensions

You cannot brush your extensions “normally.” You have to be very, very careful and gentle while brushing them. Even without extensions, you can still damage your hair if you brush way too hard. It’s even worse with hair extensions in. By doing so, you not only risk breaking your natural hair, but you also end up ripping out your extensions along with your own hair. Ouch! Tip: Use a wide-toothed comb, hold your hair just under the weft/bond, and brush from the bottom up.

  1. And because hair extensions do not receive natural oils and nutrients from the scalp, they are chronically dry and should be cared for.

This means every now and then, and you have to manually apply nourishing hair oil on the ends, especially after heat styling or washing. But you have to make sure you avoid oiling the bonds, as this can cause the extensions to slip.

  1. Dry shampoos and shower caps are your new best friends. 

With hair extensions, you cannot wash your hair every day. It’s recommended that you wash twice or thrice a week at the most. If your hair is greasy and oily, use a dry shampoo that’s gentle enough to not affect the adhesive. And when you take showers, use a shower cap to avoid getting your extensions wet.

  1. Extensions can make your scalp itchy.

You would experience itchiness after you wear extensions. This could simply be the result of the weft or glue-in piece attached to your hair rubbing against your scalp. Also, as a hair product takes longer to drop down the hair shaft when you have extensions in, the suds can become trapped between the tapes, causing itchiness. And when you scratch, be careful that you don’t pull out the extensions.

  1. You cannot wear your extensions up in a ponytail.

Your extensions are arranged in such a way that they lie flat, so putting your hair up in a ponytail might cause the wefts to appear. Instead, you should opt for ponytail extensions. Here’s how you can style it with Long hair extensions.

  1. Going to bed with extensions is not as easy as it sounds

Before your head hits the pillow, you have to ALWAYS brush your extensions to remove tangles and product build-ups from the day. Then when you sleep, the best option for sleeping with hair extensions is to braid your hair with a medium tightness to keep it secure through the night. You can also wrap the braids in a silk scarf for extra protection.

  1. Washing your hair is a real challenge

While washing your extensions, you need to take extra care to ensure you don’t damage the extensions or make them slip. You can only wash your hair no more than two times a week, and when washing, you cannot scrub your scalp vigorously as you would normally do, so you don’t pull out the extensions. Likewise, even while shampooing, you have to start from the middle of your strands and to the ends to avoid wefts from coming off. When conditioning, pass over the scalp and bonds of the extensions and condition only beyond the wefts. If you’ve exposed your hair to chlorine water, you have to wash it immediately to ensure the chemicals or salt don’t have time to mess with the adhesive.

  1. And you cannot just use any shampoo. With extensions, you have to be ingredient-conscious.

It is extremely crucial to purchase the right shampoo and conditioner when wearing hair extensions. As much as possible, avoid products containing: oils, extracts, hydrolyzed silk, wheat protein, or silicone. All of these will make the extensions slip out by breaking the adhesive holding them. It is advisable to use shampoos specifically designed for hair extensions.

  1. You can’t roll your hair up into a towel or use a towel improperly to dry your hair anymore.

Hair extensions don’t have the ability to rejuvenate themselves like our real hair, so we need to take extra care of them to make sure they last as long as possible. The use of heat to dry extensions removes excess moisture and makes the hair dry and brittle much faster. Do not wrap your head with the towel, and do not turn your hair upside down to dry your extensions. This can cause the extensions to get water-logged. You should also avoid ruffling it or pulling your hair as this creates friction and will leave your extensions knotted and dry. Instead, use a towel and gently pat your hair dry from the bottom up and slide with your fingers to your hair to gently reduce tangles and allow your hair to air dry.


  1. You’ll be paranoid about them showing.

If you have extensions on for the first time, when the wind blows, or you wear your hair up or place it to the side, or someone touches your hair, you are going to be apprehensive about the bonds or wefts becoming visible. With time you will get used to having them in and will be far more chilled about it. Sure, you will keep on touching them the first few wears.

  1. You should never remove hair extensions by yourself.

When you get tired of your hair extensions and want to take them off, it’s important to remove them properly. Hairstylists cautions against attempting to remove them at home. The hair extension removal process (except for clip-ins) is not recommended to be performed by yourself as you could end up doing way more harm than good! Instead, you have to go to your stylist to get them removed properly to save hair from extra damage.  

  1. Hair extensions are high maintenance.

Maintenance is key when it comes to hair extensions. You have to visit your stylist every couple of months to make sure your hair is in good condition or get touch-ups. They require a good hair care regime to keep them and your natural wavy hair looking their best. You have to make sure you use the right tools, and hair care products specially meant for hair extensions. You have to wash and style them carefully as instructed by your stylist.



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