2021 immigration policy, new hope for immigrants and students

Last year, we have witnessed some alterations to the regulations for immigration to Germany. The regulation development directly impacts the immigration policy to the country and those who are expecting to relocate in 2021. It’s time to find the immigration consultants for study visa and you can thus explore a better career.

New rules for skilled workers

The new law enhances the opportunities for qualified individuals to come in Germany and find a suitable placement. Before you apply for a visa following the new norms, you have to acquire official recognition of your professional qualification from a relevant German authority.

Kids must be vaccinated 

Kids who are not vaccinated against measles are not allowed to admit to school or daycare. Before admission, parents must prove that their kids have got the right vaccinations. Homeschooling is illegal in Germany and school attendance is mandatory. So, parents must send their kids to community facilities, otherwise, they will be the victim of the administrative offense and have to pay a fine.   

Tax relief for employees

If you change your home regarding some professional cause, you can expect to receive higher compensation in your tax return. The flat rate will cover all expenses besides travel and transportation costs and double rental payments.

Six-month visas to find work

It is now possible that you move to Germany for six months and search for a suitable job according to your qualification that is recognized by a relevant authority in Germany. The visa will allow you to work at least for 10 hours a week, so your employer and you can come into view whether or not you are suited to each other.

Students can change their residence 

If you are a student in Germany and consider switching your residential status, you can now do it more easily. You can achieve a residence permit for attending a vocational training course or can get a job while still receiving vocational training or studying. If you are done with your vocational training successfully, you can apply for a permanent settlement permit of two years and it is applied to graduates as well.

Changes for the employers

Employers can follow facilitated rules and procedures. Such facilitations cover expedited processes for qualified professionals by the foreigner’s registration office in Germany. First, the employers and the registration office should consider an agreement that includes the procedures, deadlines, parties, and power of attorney. Then, the registration office acquires the approval of the Federal Employment Agency and issues the employer an advance approval which is passed on to the candidate or employee. The qualified individual or employee must follow the processes to get an employment visa for Germany.

What is an Esports visa?

Athletes and coaches can apply for a visa as per the new immigration policy. This visa allows them to enter Germany, obtaining residence permits regarding employment. There is no need to get approval from the German Federal Employment Agency. An applicant must meet certain conditions like the age must be 16 years or above and the salary must be a minimum of 50% of the starting income of the statutory pension insurance.


If you are planning a prosperous work-life in Germany, the first thing you need to consider is obtaining sufficient information about the new immigration policy. As a student wanting to study in Germany, you must contact  and proceed as they advise.


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