3 main types of themes by WordPress for website design

Powering almost one-third of the online website worldwide, WordPress leads the content management systems. With the wide range of options, it facilitates everyone from large enterprises to small-scale businesses. The system owes its popularity mainly to its user-friendly features, plugin library to incorporate a wide range of functionalities, theme templates, and much more. In short, WordPress allows any person to enter the digital world without any significant knowledge of coding and designing. Hence, it makes the best option for beginners. So, if you wish to have a deeper look into the wonders of WordPress, we shall be discussing the themes by WordPress here in detail. 

 WordPress themes

Why would you need a theme for your WordPress website at all? That’s a basic yet valid question. So, a WordPress theme works as a tool to shape the outlook and design of your website. It offers you to customize your website layout with just one click that includes the color palette, design elements, typography, and spacing, etc. Technically, the theme is a zipped folder containing a group of files.

Further, it comprises page templates in the PHP programming language along with the CSS stylesheets. Most importantly, the right choice of theme will help you make your website more appealing with a good user experience and better user engagement. Above all, themes play a significant role in the ranking of your website in SERPs. Therefore, to improve your user experience, you must get professional help, such as the WordPress website design services by Navicosoft.

Hence, we have broken down the classification of WordPress themes for a better understanding. The 11,000 plus themes by WordPress can be classified into the following three main categories.

  • Premium 
  • Custom
  • Free

Premium themes

Just as the category title, premium themes are the high-quality themes offered by the website designing agencies. You can get your premium themes ranging from $50 – $100 easily for your website. However, it is a common query for beginners if premium themes are worth the money. Well, a simple answer is a big yes!

These themes are the top preference because they offer a wide range of features for custom WordPress design services. Following are some of the appealing advantages of Premium themes.

  • When professional experts are designing and coding your theme, you must be sure of the quality. Conversely, badly written themes may harm your website in terms of user experience and SERPs ranking.
  • Premium themes by WordPress open the gates to a variety of options. Hence, you can enjoy flexibility in functionality such as thumbnail resize, advertising code insertion, and styles. 
  • You can have a customized experience with these themes designed just according to the required loading speed, navigation ease, blog niche, and the clarity you need for your website.
  • The most important advantage of premium themes is the technical support offered by your prospective WordPress website design agency. Conversely, if you haven’t signed up for a premium theme and encountered any technical issue, you are all on your own. It may cause some serious loss due to downtime. 

Custom themes

If your point of sale is your uniqueness, custom themes will suit you the best. Among the plethora of free and premium WordPress themes, you can stand out with your website layout only with the custom themes acquired from the top-notch WordPress web design service. In comparison with the free and pre-existing themes, custom themes by WordPress offer the following benefits. 

  • Uniqueness and individuality are the topmost leverage of custom themes for website design. No doubt, individuality is an important element for benefitting from the competitor’s advantage. Hence, most of all, the new WordPress websites joining the digital space utilize the custom themes to stand out.
  • Custom themes help manage the minimum loading times leading the readers to spend more time on your website. Hence, the user experience improves, and so does the SEO ranking of the website.  
  • Unlike the general perception about developing the pre-designed themes, integrating these themes requires more effort than the custom themes. Furthermore, a pre-existing theme layout may be perfect for your business niche. However, it may be missing some critical technical features essential for your business website. Therefore, it would need a lot of coding and editing to make it right according to your needs. 
  • If you foresee maintaining your website theme for a long in the future, custom themes by WordPress make the best choice. As they are easy to update, you can easily adapt your website to the ongoing needs of your business.
  • Pre-existing themes are most likely prone to programming errors. Therefore, you must hire a custom WordPress design service to design a customized WordPress theme for your website with your security standards. 

Free themes

Free is never too bad to use, especially for the newbie owners of the website with low budgets and an urge to experiment with new things every other day. However, if you choose to get premium or even a custom theme, you may get stuck with something useless. It is so because most website design agencies do not offer reimbursement options for something you do not like. Before you choose your free themes by WordPress, you must know the following.

  • You can enjoy only basic layout designs with the free themes because they lack premium features and widgets. You may have to install a variety of plugins to improve the functionality of your website, which may slow down your website loading speeds. 
  • Designed to facilitate beginners mainly, free themes are minimalist, simple, and very easy to use. 
  • Most of the free themes comply with most of the WordPress plugins. 
  • If not used with many plugins, one can leverage the SEO benefits even with the free themes. 
  • Updates for free themes are very rare that leaves them incompatible with the updated versions of WordPress.
  • Free themes available on any repository other than the official website are mostly prone to errors in coding that may cause your website some serious security issues. 
  • The most concerning fact about these themes by WordPress is that free themes offer no customer support. Hence, in case of any technical issue, you will have to rely on assistance from a third party. 

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