4 Keys for Finding Reliable Volkswagen Service for Melbourne, Bayside, and Brighton Drivers

If you own a Volkswagen, you know that the best way to keep it in great shape is with regular service. Volkswagen recommends car servicing at regular intervals, but where should you take your Volkswagen in Bayside or Melbourne for service? Finding reliable Volkswagen service isn’t always easy, but there are a few keys to getting it right.

1. Find a Service Centre Using Genuine Parts

Genuine parts have been designed from the ground up specifically for your vehicle. They cost a bit more than generic parts, but that price delivers peace of mind. Generic parts don’t always fit perfectly because they’re not designed specifically for your car. As a result, they can negatively affect performance, and if they break (and take another part of the vehicle with them), or if they cause early wear-and-tear damage, it could even void your warranty.

The first thing to look for from anyone offering service on your Volkswagen is whether they use only genuine parts that are made for your car. Even better, get those genuine parts from a dealer. Most dealers have lots of parts on hand at all times, so you’re unlikely to have to wait for ordered parts to come in.

2. Look for Technicians Trained by Volkswagen

The mechanics at your local garage may have a lot of experience with cars in general, but the Volkswagen is special. You want someone working on it who knows what to look for and who can diagnose a problem quickly and accurately.

VW-trained technicians have their hands (and minds) in VW’s latest vehicles all the time. They know things to look for that a general mechanic would never think of. They are trained to use the latest diagnostic tech to find problems or stop them before they start.

3. Look at Customer Service Reviews

What are people saying about the service centre you’re considering? The first place to start is with the company’s own website, where you should see plenty of testimonials from customers that read honest. But don’t stop there: head to independent review sites and have a look. A service centre that’s established in the community will definitely have acquired a reputation, and finding out what that reputation is should be your first step.

What you really want is to find a quality service centre where you can develop a long-term relationship. Once you’ve established trust, you can feel confident every time you take your vehicle in for service. Visiting the same centre regularly also allows the service centre to get to know your car and keep detailed records. When they know your car and have your records, service is faster and your confidence can be higher.

Finding a good service centre, one with techs you can trust,  genuine parts, and a good reputation, gives you peace of mind. Develop that relationship and you’ll be able to keep your VW performing as it should for years to come. 

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