5 5 Different Types Of Power Cords You Must Know

Electrical appliances and devices require the utmost care for proper maintenance and longevity. It revolves around the power delivery and the durability of the material. While buying the electrical power cords, you must stay cautious and analyze every aspect with proper focus. Also, try to consider the type of power cords that are suitable for versatile purposes and surroundings. You need the right electrical cable for every part of your house, from your home garden’s electrical needs to the domestic power delivery sources. Hence, it’s crucial to know about the diversity of power cords and the features that enable you to differentiate them.


Here are the most important types of power cords that you are likely to encounter in your household or professional space.

1. Red Extension Cords 

The extension cord is suitable for the electrical requirements outside your house. Outdoor power cords must be quite durable and sturdy to tackle environmental hazards with ease. That is when the red extension cords come to your rescue with the three-prong plugs for extra safety and earthing capabilities. You can also choose the length of the cable according to your requirements, ranging from 50 to 100 feet. You might also consider the covering of the cord and settle with the one covered through vinyl material. 

That way, the cord achieves protection from the excessive sunlight or wetting through the rainwater. Such power cords are also suitable for professional projects due to their longevity and endurance features. You might consider the flat power cord for better voltage delivery and proper safety against hazards. 


2. Basic Black Cords

If you’re searching for power cords that work for multiple electrical needs, then the usual black cable can be the right choice. Such cords come in diverse lengths and allow you to go for the length, which is just perfect for your project. You might also go for these cords to declutter and replace the domestic cords with a high-quality one. From the technical point of view, you need to look for the cords with the right thickness and wattage. Along with this, try to analyze the insulation and sheathing to avoid electrical injuries and accidents in the future. 

With a bit of care and research, you can get your hands on the best black cords that provide the right power and minimal resistance. 


3. Yellow Nema Power Cords

For all the people who need a heavy-duty cable for crucial projects, the yellow NEMA power cords will do the job quite well. All you need to do is find the NEMA cord that possesses suitable amperage and voltage. Also, make sure to consider high-quality cables that are both durable and effective in delivering the desired power. The cord also contains an LED socket that acts as the indicator and lights up as the electricity flows through it. From small tasks like gardening to crucial professional projects, you can use these cords for absolutely any purpose. Along with this, it has reinforced prongs that are resistant to breakage or bending. 

If these specifications are unable to make you agree upon it, you might consider the water-resistance features of the cable. Due to this, it works both for domestic needs as well as outdoor power projects. 


4. Small Extension Cords

Here’s the power cord suitable for the multi-taskers out there. Small extension cords are quite beneficial if you wish to plug in many appliances at the same time. Also, it provides the right blend of power and resistance, which safeguards the appliances and electronic gadgets. You might look for the small extension cords with 16 gauge that allows higher wattage and amperage delivery. Such features make the cord quite suitable for multitasking and enable a smooth electrical delivery.

In case you wish to achieve a higher voltage, you can always connect the small cords such that it acts as a single giant cord. That way, it becomes beneficial for the garage, domestic, as well as professional purposes. 


5. Long Power Cords

Another power cord to look out for is the more extended variant beneficial in the case of outdoor activities. You must go for the ones with an LED indicator so that you get to know the power flow from a distance itself. Also, find the double-insulated cables with protective jackets around the cords. That way, the extension doesn’t break or tear away when the environmental factors aren’t suitable. Before you use the cables for your projects, check the electrical protection of the surroundings. 

The long power cords accelerate power delivery in case of huge appliances or outdoor tools. Make sure to check the entire electrical system before you finalize the power cord. 


Bottom Line

When it comes to buying the right power cord, you need to consider a variety of factors. First of all, make yourself acquainted with the types of electrical cords available in the market. Also, you might need to research the amperage, wattage, and thickness suitable for your appliances. While the red extension cord works well for the outdoor electrical needs, you require the small extension cords to multitask. Along with this, the longer variants are quite beneficial for your professional projects that revolve around environmental factors. Based on your needs, you can choose the right power cord based on the specifications. Don’t forget to consider the LED indicator for time-efficiency and hassle-free usage.


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