5 Advantages of Having Porcelain Benchtops in Your Home

Benchtops can either make or break your kitchen or bathroom. It might not seem that way at first, but when you consider how much you use your benchtops for (preparing food, storing items, etc), as well as their aesthetic importance, it becomes clear that a solid benchtop solution is necessary. It just so happens that porcelain benchtops are one of the best and most popular options out there right now.

Here are the advantages of having porcelain benchtops in your home:


Strong and Durable

Aurora Stone porcelain benchtops are built to be strong and durable. A special powdered clay and coloured pigments are bonded together at an extremely high temperature and pressure. Although it sounds like a simple recipe, the process gives rise to a robust and sturdy benchtop solution.



The highly compact structure of porcelain benchtops also means that they have low porosity. Low porosity means that there are minimal cracks and crevices in the material. This is not only great for ensuring high levels of hygiene are kept in the kitchen, where food is prepared. It also helps to minimise the amount of damage that spilt substances and stains can leave on your kitchen or bathroom countertops. Think about all the stubborn stains that can result from spilling wine, coffee, pasta sauce or curry in your kitchen. Of course, the bathroom is not exempt from stains either. Cosmetics, hair products and even some shower products can cause stains when spilt; but luckily, cleaning and maintaining your benchtops, wherever they are, is a lot easier when they’re made out of sintered porcelain.



When it comes to getting kitchen or bathroom benchtops for your home, it pays to invest in a material that is going to last for a long time. After all, you don’t want to be paying for low-quality benchtops that are only going to need replacing in a couple of years. Luckily, since they are strong, durable and highly compact, porcelain benchtops guarantee to be a worthwhile investment for homeowners. This sturdy benchtop material is super tough and resistant, so you can look forward to a kitchen or bathroom that ensures to withstand against the tests of time.


Wide Range of Design Options

Although natural stone materials are incredibly beautiful and always unique, there is a limit to the range of colours and patterns available. With porcelain benchtops however, there are fewer design limitations. Since porcelain benchtops are a man-made material, they can be made to look like virtually any other type of benchtop material. So, you can have them manufactured to mimic the look of existing natural stone variants. Or they can be designed in a number of other offbeat colours and patterns- the choice is yours. Naturally, having more options for customisation makes it easier for homeowners to create a space that they love. It’s also makes it easier to keep the interior design of your home consistent.    


Versatile Application

The beneficial qualities of porcelain benchtops make them versatile enough for a number of different applications. For instance, being hard, tough and long-lasting, porcelain benchtops are ideal for installing in kitchens and bathrooms; both of which are subject to constant use and elements such as heat and moisture. This can wear down a lot of other benchtop materials significantly over time. Since they are also low in porosity, porcelain benchtops are also great for ensuring a high level of hygiene is maintained in these areas. Aside from this, porcelain benchtops can also be used for bars and even outdoor applications. Because porcelain benchtops are incredibly durable and have superior UV resistance, you won’t have to worry about the weather conditions causing them to look faded, cracked or chipped so fast.



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