5 Amazing Ways To Set-up Your New Company In UK

5 Amazing Ways To Set-up Your New Company In UK


It’s 2021, and you’ve decided to do something life-changing: set up your new company in the UK. Congratulations on making a commitment to your new genius idea and to building your legacy! 

When it comes to setting up your new start-up the smart way, it’s wise to know the legal requirements in the UK for your company. 

Establishing your new business in the UK is easy, as long as you follow our 5 simple tips on what to do for your practical and legal needs.

You must consider the best business address service provider in London, you need to know the UK official entity,  The Companies House.  Our five steps to set up your incredible new company in the UK will guide you throughout this process.

Choose the Right Name 

Naming your business is the most important thing you can do as you set up your new firm. Every time you create a new company, you must offer the world a unique, engaging, and memorable name that will entice clients to your brand.

Will its name impact the success of your new company? SmallBizTrends says that “In most cases, absolutely it does.”

Before any new clients can fall in love with your products or services, they have to know that you exist, what vital products your new company offers to them, and connect with your brand’s name.

Deciding upon the perfect name that attracts new customers can be daunting. Before you tell the world your new enterprise is open and ready for business, take some time to make a list of names that are unique, memorable, and share a positive vibe.

Once you have a shortlist of potential names, it’s time to visit the official home of all new businesses in the UK. Read on!

Trademark Your New Business with the UK Government 

Once you create an impressive list of potential names for your business, you must legally register with the UK government. Before your register, use this free, handy UK tool provided by the UK government to check and see if your favorite name is owned by someone else.

You want to register your trademark within the UK. The registration will protect your brand and the name of your new company. Registering a trademark in the UK will allow you to:  

  • Sue anyone who uses your trademark without your express permission. 
  • Add the ® symbol next to your name, which is a prominent and impressive way to show you own your brand. 
  • License your brand.

Your new company can be legally registered once you find your name, trademark it, and fill out the all-important online forms to become a new company in the UK. 


Register your business 

Now that you have your killer trademark, It’s time to fill out forms within The Companies House website.

This space is where you can choose what type of company to create, fill out the appropriate forms and make edits if needed. 

Some of the fantastic things you will find on this UK website include applications for grants; Covid-19 tests for staff; information about any company in the UK (including yours, since its public); financial support for your business, and many other vital tools. 

If your company changes, from a new address or partnership changes, this is the official UK place to enter your information. 

Organize your Tax Documents

As we all know, you cannot avoid taxes or death! The UK requires every business to file taxes annually. Now that your new company is registered, it’s already time to sort your tax information so that you’re ready for filing taxes within the UK.

Be sure to create your account for HMRC online services. This HMRC account is for a limited company or any organization within the UK since you need to pay Corporation Tax.

It’s also required you notify the HMRC anytime your company:

  • Hires employees
  • Needs to change its VAT (for a taxable turnover that is over £85,000

You can visit the official UK page to sign in for your business tax account, your corporate tax, and more. 

Share the News With the World

At this point, your brand name is legally yours, and it’s time to market your unique new UK company. Digital access to the world means your business can reach many millions of people globally, so it’s time to be sure you present a professional, engaging website or landing page to your audience.


If you are a small business, take advantage of the many website builders online that are free or extremely inexpensive for creating a powerful site. Best of all, these sites all offer optimized visuals explicitly sized for phones. Some of the most well-known website builders include Weebly, WordPress, and Squarespace.


Remember, you only have mere seconds to wow your audience and inspire them to buy your products or services. 


Use photos or videos that offer clean, easy-to-understand images plus splendid, brief titles and content. Always reflect your mission, brand, and message in every word and visual.

Share your new website to the world via social media, ads on social, and blogs. 

Host a virtual launch party and invite everyone you know to attend. You can use free or inexpensive meeting sites such as Zoom and share the great news that your new brainchild is ready to play with others! 

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