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When we start blogging or start any online earning source then initially we are devoid of some basic knowledge. We don’t know how to start, how to write SEO optimized content, how to handle technical stuff, how to handle things properly. First of all, when do we use free hosting? We use free hosting in 2 cases, first is when we have to learn something, or in the second case when we use free hosting for testing purposes like plugins. 

If you are learning then you do not need a free domain and free hosting at all because it is best for money and learning. In the beginning, we make a lot of mistakes while learning and if you do all those mistakes in PAID, then whatever result and problem you are facing, you have to keep working on hosting, you stop using that hosting can not do. But if you take a free domain and hosting there then nothing will happen. All you have to do is remove that free hosting and shift to another hosting. And your work can be done smoothly.

To create a website, it is not that you will create a website and after working for two to three months, traffic will start coming to your website, if you do not get traffic during the whole process, then you do not need to worry. part of the money. However, if you are getting traffic to your website slowly then you can upgrade to paid hosting here if you take PAID hosting then you will get when you have to keep working on the site for 1 year even if you have You’ve seen it because you’ll think that guy did the best I can, so I don’t take anything out of him and that five six months extra work with you. So in short if you are a beginner in blogging, website designing, affiliate marketing type of things then I would say it is safe to go for free hosting initially.


So let’s start with the first one.

Its name is x10hosting.com. It is one of my favorite free hosting sites that I have ever used. Once you visit the site, you can start easily by simply clicking on the Create My account. It something writes in this way, you will find a website like you, you can create an account by clicking on create my account

Hosting services provided by this company are powered by 100% Pure Cloud SSD Servers. They claim that their web hosting is equipped with top-line enterprise hardware and storage arranged in a flexible private cloud. It delivers extremely stable and fast performance. 

The one reassuring part is that you will get a full-featured web hosting account. It comes with the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and cPanel. Like other paid hosting providers, here you will get a one-click web software installation facility. You will be given a website builder to build a website immediately

They have been around for a long time, over 10 years, and have never failed to provide a stable, high-performance web hosting service that is not going to stop overnight.

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Free web hosting by AccuWebhosting is dedicatedly developed for all those who are looking for hosting to build trial, WordPress blogs, and websites. They also created a separate section of free hosting for the student.

One impressive thing about this hosting is their technical support team. The team has always been very helpful even after providing free hosting support. You will get good support through their chat if needed. They have been very helpful in explaining why things don’t work, and they are very timely in their solutions.

You don’t need to use a credit card to make purchases, as most sites offer hidden fees or practices such as free trials. Although they are free, they never use ads and banner ads to generate revenue

With its free plan, you’ll get the server location in Canada. You’ll have access to a cPanel account as well as full access to your WordPress blog in order to make changes.

Talking about the features, you get 1 WordPress website, 2 GB SSD storage, 5,000 ideal for monthly visitors, 30 GB monthly bandwidth, 15 ingress processes, Shared CPU, 768 physical memory/RAM (MB), 125000 files (inodes), 100 outgoing emails/hour, 15 MySQL connections/user, 5 FTP accounts, 25 email accounts

10 MySQL databases.

Other than that panel you don’t need to worry about MySQL database support. This hosting comes with pre-installed WordPress, WordPress auto-updater, full access to WordPress, multiple search engine optimizations, and caching plugins with hyper caching plugins. You can also get DDoS multiple-layer DDoS protection here like in premium hosting


Byte Hosting comes with an ad-free load balanced free hosting service including any type of website, be it a small business brochure, a general passion blog, or any powerful dynamic website for the gaming clan. With this hosting, you will also get a free subdomain.

You don’t need to worry about software installation as it has a cpanel with the awesome softaculous script installer already installed inside the control panel.

According to their official website, they seem to be spread across multiple servers at once, giving your web pages better speed and reliability. I have heard its name many times on the internet, and most of the reviews are in support of their services.

They have built a popular community forum where many active members are constantly growing, resulting in better support and helping to solve many problems.

It offers many pro-level features in its free plan. 1 GB Disk Space with 50 GB Monthly Transfer, FTP Account and File Manager, Control Panel, MySQL Database, and PHP Support, Free Tech Support, 5 Addon Domains with 5 Parked Domains, Sub-Domains, Free Community Access (platform ) Clustered server with a complete disk space usage stats., no ads in its cPanel.

Along with this, you will get practical experience of working with website, blog and everything related to it. Overall it would be a perfect choice for anyone who is really keen to learn something cool about the internet world


Infinityfree host is a completely free website hosting provider with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. They have been offering website Hosting services for over 9 years. According to them, they provide 99.99% uptime service for a limited amount of traffic. I tested all 5 hosting speeds and found infinity free host to be dominating one in terms of speed.

You can host your heavy website as they provide unlimited disk space with unlimited bandwidth.

As the name suggests, InfinityFree is completely free, you will not be asked to access any credit card, as in the previous one there are no hidden fees.

Users ask if it is providing free service then it must be using ads to balance the free service. But let me tell you, it is not so. Your website is your own property, ads will not be shown on your website forcibly.

Talking about other features, you can host any domain name here

Like every paid hosting, you will get cPanel with Softaculous Script Installer. Using it you can install 400+ more CMS, like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, MyBB, or PrestaShop with just a few clicks.

You can use as many free subdomains as you want. So if you ask me about the overall review, I would definitely recommend it to beginners and for testing purposes. While this is good enough in the free plan, once your traffic exceeds a certain threshold, things won’t work as expected. So in that case you have to look for a paid plan.


I think this website must have been seen by most of the people on Google. It is ranking on the first page of Google on the keyword “free hosting”. This free hosting is used by me personally for testing purposes. Once I find that my test site has gained the ability to receive a sufficient amount of traffic 

I upgrade the hosting. I can give you thousands of reasons why this website is worth using but if I keep touching on all the points then the post will get bigger. So let me throw some light on the features of this free hosting.

The free hosting package is perfect for a lightweight website such as a WordPress blog, internet forum, or any website created with their inbuilt website builder. I don’t really believe it, but the website strongly claims that on average, a free account can serve about 30,000 daily visitors to a PHP-based website, or an almost unlimited number of visitors to a pure HTML website.

Yes, I personally thought they were 100% uptime, but things won’t be the same for all of you. Because uptime also depends on how many resources your server is consuming. So if planning to build a heavy website like an image blog, e-commerce blog, or any kind of tool blog then I would not recommend it.

With this web hosting, you can enjoy some attractive features

100% free hosting for a lifetime, hosting for your own domain name, unmetered bandwidth, Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL, one-time billed add ons, etc.

Their servers are free from malware, phishing, and other malicious activities that threaten internet users. But to ensure this they have put some restrictions on free services like

Free subdomain hosting, Free domain hosting like .tk .ml, etc, PHP mail and send mail programs, Server configuration changes, Services for users in selected countries


So, friends, this is the list of 5 best free web hosting which a beginner must try. Although free web hosting will not make you money, I prefer to learn more than earn. Because once you learn how things on the internet really work and you have learned to apply the knowledge practically in the right direction then money will start flowing as a byproduct

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