5 Best Life Hack Kitchen Appliances You Cannot Live Without

Isn’t it lovely that you own your home now? The years of struggle paid out in the form of the absolutely divine kitchen; now you can stand inside and cook the meal (or maybe not). Life is like that, it’s fast, moving with uncanny speed making us rely on the use of technological inventions more and more. Not only for domestic use but even at your office too. No matter the size and use, kitchen appliances are always the hot demands of the general public, and for all the right reasons. 

Can you imagine your life without a modern appliance? Maybe if you lived back in the day when washing dishes by hand was a chore. But since the arrival of dishwashers why spend time washing the dishes when you could be doing something else? So, no, now after tasting the benefits of using modern kitchen appliances you cant expect not to use them. 

Thinking of the kitchen appliances, we have conjured a list of appliances that are extremely common but crucial for everyday use we just cannot live without. While you make a guess of your own down below we have mentioned some of them. 

Coffee makers 

A day without coffee? It’s pure hell! You cannot expect to go to work without coffee (or morning tea). Imagine your coffee machine breaks down or in case you are running late for work and didn’t have your coffee. You possibly can’t figure out how to open your mind to new ideas even!

Coffee machines and portable coffee makers are the saviors for coffee lovers. 

For a person who survives on caffeine, they need a portable coffee maker. Wacaco Nanopresso is one of the best mini espresso machines to exist in the 21st century. So think about your world without a coffee maker? Nah! Not gonna happen anytime soon. 


Needless to say, one of the many blessings of initial technologies was the preservation of food with a cooling unit. In a hot humid climate, it’s truly a miracle but even if you happen to live in a colder region you would still need it to keep your food fresh. Desserts, cakes, ice-creams will never survive without a freezer. 

Thanks to the refrigerator in your kitchen you can preserve your food for the time being too or for a longer duration(s) too. The use of refrigerators has made lives easier for working mothers too. They can make a meal in advance and store it for later use rather than cooking every other day. 

See? A miracle! 


What will you do with a frozen pizza if you can’t heat it? Well, no doubt a microwave is a must-have appliance you’d never want to leave behind. 

Back in the day, the conventional oven was efficiently used then came the successor in the shape of the microwave. Faster heating technology in less time had us swooning over the moon. Using a microwave has made our lives easier without a doubt. It’s an added bonus in our fast streaming lives and also comes with high durability too. So if you think you’d survive without a microwave, you got something else going on in your head. 

Microwave is a life savior for many, from preheating food to casually grilling or even baking in this gorgeous invention is time-saving. 


Ah! The life of junkies is explained by this kitchen appliance. Since the advent of the fast-food legacy, fryers have become a primary source to cook meals – well only to deep fry. 

Frying in actual frying is a lot convenient! Whether you have an air fryer, deep fryer, or even open pot fryer, all come in good worth and high durability. French fries are the most common food items fried in this kitchen appliance but you can do so much more! Take a fish, use bread crumbs and add spices into it. You can deep fry them easily. Or if you want to make glazed donuts, just use the fryer and there you have them all. 

Anything you want to fry can be done so with a fryer. Without it, you just won’t be able to create the recipe. 

Electric blender 

Every chef in the kitchen (and that being your mom or wife) knows that if you want to make the right sauce you need to blend it all. 

The worth of a blender cannot be undermined at any cost. A useful kitchen appliance used for a variety of tasks like blend without cord, immersion blenders, etc all serve multi-purposes. Interested to make a puree or even hummus? Yes, you will need the electric blender to blend all the ingredients. 

From smoothies to shakes to preparing kebabs or nuggets an electric blender is used in every step of preparing a meal or even a healthy snack!

Well, that’s from our side. If you had guessed any of these kitchen appliances then kudos! Which other kitchen appliances can you think we cannot live without? Do let us know!


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