5 Business stationery supplies to customize for branding

Branding is vital to business growth. Therefore, no growth-oriented business misses any single opportunity to emboss its mark on the minds of its audience. One of the most long-lasting and cost-effective marketing strategies is to leverage your business stationery. Undoubtedly, this is the age of digital marketing, such as marketing through social media, SEO, and E-mail. However, customized business stationery supplies have wide-ranged and longer-lasting applications and impacts. To use this advantage, all you have to do is to get top-notch business stationery design services. A perfect branding strategy for stationery emphasizes the following components of your office stationery.


The first, foremost element for your business stationery is your business logo – the emblem of your identity. Your business logo is the essential identifying element and creates an immediate sense of brand recognition in your target audience. Hence, it helps in building brand awareness. Designing and positioning the logo is totally up to the designers. However, the best positioning for a logo is the top left on the letterhead. Furthermore, you must ensure your integrity with the logo, using the same logo everywhere. Otherwise, using variations often result in dilution of brand awareness.

Header and footers

Besides the logo, customized header and footer also play an important role in securing the brand identity. However, you must ensure with your business stationery design services that your business stationery supplies comply with the designs of digital marketing elements, website, and the main theme of your branding strategy. If it is not so, it may lead your potential customers and clients to confusion which would result in the impact of unprofessionalism and consequent loss of customers 

Contact information 

The main aim of business stationery branding strategy will be dead if you do not include your contact information on your stationery. If you are not going to give the clients a lead to get back to you, why invest in stationery branding in the first place? Therefore, you must consider including your business official e-mail address, website address, and location. 

Nowadays, adding your social media elements is also an appropriate practice. However, you must not fill the whole space with your IDs on different social media platforms. Rather, Facebook and Instagram would do just fine. You may also consider adding other social media platforms. However, it all depends upon your business niche.


Paper card stock

The last decision you would take for your business stationery supplies will be the choice of paper stock. If you are too determined to choose a particular stock for your stationery, you must ensure that the color palette and the texture coincide with your business niche. Moreover, standing out is always the best but not beyond the lines. It will help if you try to keep your best business stationery design simple and professional with the experienced and skilled design team of Navicosoft.

What includes business stationery?

 Besides, marketing via business stationery is an appealing marketing strategy because it is very cost-effecient. In comparison with the digital marketing budgets, it costs too low to produce customized stationery items in bulk. Hence, you can easily depict your brand’s reliability, professionalism, stability, and a goal-orineted approach. 

As we have defined business stationery elements, let’s discuss what stationery supplies you must customize for brand awareness.

Business cards

The item that tops the checks list of the business list is the business cards. Therefore, customizing the business cards is the most important as it casts a feeling of belonging to its employers. Furthermore, the least you can do to convert an interaction in a prospective client is share your business card with them. Hence, if you fail to mark your impression at this point, you would lose your client as well. 

Therefore, investing in such business stationery supplies means defining your brand, goal, and professionalism at one glance. Furthermore, corresponding via e-mail or any other digital means just vanishes among other piles of online information. However, an emblem of your identity on your client’s table would keep you on their minds. 


As we are in the digital era of the world, most business industries prefer quick communication. However, this fact does not invalidate the impact of a well-designed and well-printed letterhead. Despite E-mails, corresponding in writing is still as important as it has always been for the record. 

Therefore, simply putting your logo and contact information may not be a good idea. Instead, you must leverage such a potential opportunity and get the best business stationery design that focuses on the type of paper stock, color scheme, and paper cuts. 


If you have invested your time and energy in customizing the letterhead, why not the envelopes? After all, they must identify anything that belongs to you at first glance – the main purpose of branding. Therefore, customizing your envelopes to comply with the other branding elements is a good practice to impress your audience. However, if you like it too simple, you can put your logo at the bottom to mark your identity.


Usually, business stationery supplies such as invoices do not offer much space for design. However, they make a very important corresponding document for both the service provider and the client. Therefore, it is essential to customize your invoice, at least with a logo. 

Certainly, your logo on the invoice depicts your professionalism and seriousness concerning your business. Furthermore, you can mark your identity with this yet again. 

Cards, Calendars & Notepads

Last but not least of the list of our business stationery supplies are calendars, notepads, greeting cards, customized pens, USB drives, mugs, cup collars, etc. In short, every element that you can present to your clients as a souvenir falls into this category. 

Offering your loyal clients such elements with a mark of your brand is marked as a sweet gesture to strengthen customer relationships. For example, branded calendars or paperweights are items for daily use. Hence, you can ensure a permanent existence around your clients and customers. Therefore, when you invest in customizing your business stationery supplies, never forget to consider the souvenirs.  


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