5 Easy things to Paint for Beginner Artists

Painting is not the act of mixing colors and applying them on a canvas or paper. It requires ideas and creative ability to paint something realistic. Paintings are the most enjoyed form of art worldwide.

Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso are the greatest painters of all time. Their ideas and concepts of painting overruled the idea of intellectual and artistic painting. A painter must be the one who can make a thoughtful meaning in his/her work. So here are some simple and easy ideas for beginners to kick start their painting passion.


1. A Sunflower 

To draw a flower is the most effortless art inspiration for new painters. Starting with a  beautiful sunflower with a bright color combination brings a blooming effect on your painting passion. 

Sunflower is the best option. Painting a sunflower increases one’s ability to add minute details. The petals’ perfect curves could be attained on the canvas/paper with a painting tutorial or picture. The inner circles might not come entirely correct in the first go. Use a compass to get a perfect circle.  Try to use acrylic colors that could enhance the visual imprint of the painting. Add details such as seeds inside, which makes your painting more realistic. Take your time and concentration as it will help you in painting the most beautiful sunflower you can paint.



If you are thinking of drawing something that incorporates the creative and visual side inside you, painting a cloud is the best option. Clouds are one of the easiest shapes that a painter can draw. You can add other details in the sky, making it more attractive and bringing changes to the form of a cloud using your creativity. Choosing the right colors for this painting matters. A canvas painting of a cloud is the best option. This painting is genuinely beginner-friendly as it takes a minimal amount of time to complete.


3. A Coffee Mug 

Nothing brings the joy of painting something that you love. As a beginner, one might not be able to paint living beings in the first go. But can always make a realistic painting of an inanimate object close to you. A coffee mug is one such thing. It is not a popular idea of drawing, but understanding the shape and structure will be easier for something handy. Place your coffee mug in a distant position and try to grasp its form and beauty through your hands. Make a visual background of your choice using different colors. Drawing the exact shape has prime importance. Adding in colors and ideas of your personal preference and ability makes the painting alive and realistic. Try to add features like vapors arising for better attraction.


4. A Realistic Eye 

Drawing an eye is a thing that every painter must master. This is one of the easiest and best ways to start your love and passion for painting. Grab an extra dark pencil to start. This painting needs no tutorials or Pictionary to paint. Start by drawing an outline and adding details to it like pupils, lashes, etc. 

A complete pencil drawing is better in the first go. Later it can be replaced and could be made more realistic by adding acrylic colors or water paints. Slowly add more features like eyebrows, tears, etc., to make a strong visual effect on the painting. The background is not much required in such a picture but can be included according to one’s wish.

You can also try making a portrait of an eye digitally with your drawing tablet. Again, this will be a new experience for you. 


5. A Butterfly 

Painting a butterfly on a canvas can bring out the creative side of a painter. This painting can get artistic realism and ideas on the canvas. Draw the outlines of a beautiful butterfly and add colors according to your ideas. It will be best to paint outdoors to enhance your thoughts that you can bring in your work. 


A butterfly is one of the finest examples of beauty in nature. So adding details and realistic backgrounds is not a big deal. Drawing a butterfly is a simple job, but selecting the right colors matters. A butterfly could be of any possible color. Still, a painter must always be thoughtful regarding their creativity, which makes their painting genuinely mesmerizing. Add details like trees, flowers, or fruits that are closely associated with this theme. The wings and the patterns on them could be made more realistic.


Great painters always look into nature to learn new things every day and portray them on the canvas. A painting can be made more beautiful and realistic if the painter mixes his ideas and creativity along with the colors. Find a peaceful time, and try to paint these things to bring the creative person inside you.


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