5 Effective Ways To Diversify Your Content Marketing

In terms of marketing, you’ve likely heard the expression ‘content is the king’. Content has long passed traditional methods of marketing as the best method to get your customers’ attention. Content can help businesses reach their clients to trust them and connect to meet their needs, rather than relying on outbound methods like direct advertising or cold-calling.

A few reports suggest that an astounding 40 percent of the labor workforce was working from home in the summer of 2020. It means that the chance to get people’s attention by creating great content is more important than ever before. With content becoming an increasingly popular tool for marketers, it’s challenging to be noticed and convert viewers to paying customers.

The first step to standing apart is to create more high-quality content that is superior to your competition. In this article, we review the following stage in the success of your content and offer five options to expand your scope by appealing to your target audience.

Start a Podcast

Podcasts aren’t brand new, but they certainly have their roots. Apple introduced its podcast functionality in June 2005, but the origins of podcasting go to the 1980s. In recent times podcasts have grown through the roof partly because of the expansion of the number of podcasts available and the ease of listening to audio while performing other tasks.

Certain studies suggest that 37% of people consume at least one audiobook per month. Utilizing a podcast as one of the elements of your content plan gives a chance for businesses to reach out to a highly engaged and eager audience.

While there are ways to advertise on other podcast platforms, some believe that the advertisements in podcasts aren’t quite as effective and well-liked in the same way as other forms of advertising. Therefore, to benefit from podcasts, you should create your own. Or, you can opt to become a podcast sponsor to make them include your company’s products and services naturally.

When you start a podcast, it is essential to remember that people like them due to their non-intrusive nature. Thus, focusing on providing value to your audience is more important than making it an opportunity to sell your audience is essential to your success. Another benefit of podcasts is they are easily reused. If you record a portion of it, you can transform that audio into text and make it into an article on a blog.

Host an Online Event

Online events have gained popularity over the past couple of years to connect with people who are unable to meet in person, either because of the epidemic or geographic place of residence. In addition, hosting online events is an effective way to allow live interactions with your attendees regardless of their location or personal conditions.

Events on the internet can range from live streams to webinars and must always provide significant value. For instance, you can hold a live event using any webinar software where you invite experts from your area to participate in an online webinar that will cover a specific subject matter in depth.

Online events are excellent sources for the diversification of content. For instance, you could capture your event and release it in a series of videos. You can use the information discussed to write an extensive blog post or convert an event into audio and then release it as a podcast.

Make Blog Posts Video

Quality blog posts constitute the core of many companies’ content marketing strategies. Long-form blogs are a fantastic option to provide a lot of benefits to your customers. It is also possible to improve your site’s appeal for search engine spiders.

We could spend a significant amount of time creating the perfect blog article. It is odd that we often ignore them after they’re published. It is not only draining, but it’s leaving some fantastic opportunities for broader production of content.

One way to increase the variety of your blog posts and increase the value of your blog posts is to convert them into videos.

When making videos, think that your post is a pre-made plan. All you need to do is present the content in video format. You can accomplish it by putting yourself or someone sitting next to the camera and then effortlessly giving your blog post’s content. You can also hire an animator to create an animated tale that will accompany the blog entry. You can also hire an audio voice artist to present your audio message.

Video production is a fantastic method to reach a larger audience. People love watching videos as it’s less demanding than reading, and it can convey identical information over a shorter amount of time. This study shows that 87 percent of marketers using video marketing have experienced an increase in site traffic.

Diversify Your Social Media

You’ve probably got social media an integral part of your marketing content strategy. However, to keep an audience’s attention, it is essential to create plans for social media that offer variety both in terms of content types and the platform where the content is published.

For instance, in the case of your business, you might already be using some or both of these social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to share posts on your blog. It’s an excellent place to begin; however, expanding to other social media platforms gives you the possibility of reaching a larger audience and connecting with your existing audience in different ways.

While you could utilize the same content across every social media platform, Every piece of content needs to be specifically tailored to the forum you’re posting on. In the end, the formal content you publish on LinkedIn isn’t going to look good on Instagram. When you increase your use of the platform, you should try to create content like it’s designed for that platform.

You can broaden your social network accounts by publishing various types of content on your current platforms. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn provide a variety of kinds of content, from videos to text posts and live streams.

Conduct Your Research for a Whitepaper

Whitepapers offer a deeper investigation into a particular field that could be interesting to your company or the people you serve. They not only examine the problems surrounding a subject as well as provide and provide solutions.

A well-researched and presented whitepaper can be an effective method of increasing your authority within your field. By providing expert advice regarding the issue and the problem, You could use them to establish your business as the most effective to assist your client in solving the problem once it happens.


Companies that put time and money into content must always look at ways to make more value out of their investment. Diversifying your content is not always about creating entirely new content but rather finding new ways to distribute your content in engaging ways for your viewers.

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