5 Factors to Consider Before Selecting Camping Table

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Camping is rapidly becoming a popular adventure activity worldwide. Given the increasing number of campers, manufacturing companies have added several camping gears to their product list. The camping table is such a utility camping accessory that it benefits campers in numerous ways. For example, you can cook food, play games, keep stuff, or even let your kids rest on a solid camping table. These tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. A suitable camping table can make a difference in your outdoor camping experience. Here are five factors to keep in mind before choosing your camping table. 


The kind of material used to build a camping table is critical for many reasons. Firstly, different materials have varying abilities to endure weight, harsh weather conditions, and wear and tear. You can choose your camping table material from the types mentioned below. 

  • Wooden: Wood is the oldest and most traditional furniture material. Camping tables are made from various sorts of woods, such as cedar, acacia, teak, and eucalyptus. Wood’s natural color and feel provide the tables a rustic appearance that can be an ideal choice for a camping experience. Camping tables made from teak can last long, having a lifespan of over 50 years.  


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  • Metal: Metal camping are naturally more formal and elegant looking than wooden ones. Tables made of aluminum, steel, or iron usually are heavier and more durable than their wooden counterparts. If you are camping in a space frequently disturbed by violent winds or storms, a stainless steel camp prep table will be the ideal choice.  
  • Plastic or PVC: Plastic or PVC camping tables are your cheapest options and can be considered for one-of visits to calmer campgrounds. Such tables are lightweight and can be carried without much fuss. However, these may not withstand rough weather like storms and heavy rains.      

Shape And Size 

The size and shape of your camping table is a crucial factor, especially if you are planning to camp in rocky or uneven terrain. There are generally three kinds of campground tables based on size and sitting capacity: 

  • Dining Tables: There’s nothing like enjoying a family dinner under the night sky. An ordinary camping dining table accommodates upwards of 6 people, and you can choose larger options depending on the headcount. Such tables are an ideal choice for enjoying buffet-style meals.  


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  • Bistro Tables: Bistro Tables are perfect for accommodating 2-3 people in limited camping spaces. Standard Bistro tables have two height options: standard height (around 30 inches high) and balcony height (36 inches high). 
  • Extendable Tables: If you are unsure about the size, it is best to go with tables with adjustable size options. Extendable camping tables are great for families that need broad space for a family lunch and may need an intimate setting for a romantic dinner.  


No matter how much you like a table, you need to move it to the camping ground in the first place. Therefore, it is crucial to consider your mode of travel and the available space in your car before selecting your camping table. You can go for universal roof rack to carry all essentials easily. People who have limited space in their vehicle or are moving in public transport can consider the following types of camping tables. 

  • Folding Camping Table: Folding tables are one the most popular choices for backpackers and solo campers who want to carry as little load as possible. Since these tables are high on demand, you can find these almost everywhere with a variety of options. Before buying a folding table, test its folding capabilities. The table should be easy to fold and unfold and must remain compact when folded. 
  • Soft Top Camping Tables: These tables are another kind of foldable and compact tables mainly used for playing card or board games with family. The nylon or mesh upper layer is detachable, giving you the option to save a lot of space.  


Sometimes, you may need camping tables for specific purposes. For example, a family that loves to cook various dishes may need a cooking table, while a family with busy kids may require a camping table with a firm base and surface. Here are a couple of camping tables for specific purposes. 


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  • Cooking Station Tables: This camping table is particularly used for preparing dishes outdoor. These tables are generally rectangular and offer plenty of space to keep stoves, vessels, and cups. 
  • Work Tables: There is no guarantee that you won’t need to reply to that office email when you are out camping. Small and sturdy laptop tables provide a firm grip for your gadgets along with basic ventilation.     

Personal Preferences 

Besides taking care of the factors mentioned above, you should consider the likes and dislikes of your fellow campers when choosing the camping table. If you have youngsters camping with you, they might like colorful tables with funky designs. Older adults may prefer tables with low height and less weight for easy access and movability. People conscious of environmental concerns may disapprove of plastic tables, in which case, you can select metal ones. If you plan to have candlelight dinners on the camping table, it is better to avoid inflammable material.  

Final Words  

By now, you have some idea about the factors to consider before obtaining a camping table. No matter which type of table you select, make sure it is comfortable for you to store and carry on your camping expedition.   

Happy camping! 




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