5 features of TRIRIGA

IBM TRIRIGA includes the incorporation of IWMS functional models. The implementation of IWMS has several advantages that any business can take advantage of. Many companies have already begun to taste the fruit of its implementation and today they are thriving. TRIRIGA SaaS I.e. Software as a service is a boom to all the companies as it uses cloud.


IBM TRIRIGA’s characteristics are:


  1. Management of programs and projects

IBM TRIRIGA has a special manager who deals with both services and projects management.

As the initial step, it involves the setting up of ventures, designing initiatives and then creating capital projects. Only the project manager manages the project implementation, preparation and management of the project.


  1. Management of documents

Another great advantage of IBM TRIRIGA is that it allows documents in a safe position to be handled.

Managed records are often quick to use and it saves time and resources to quickly access the data in the documents. Because of this function, the worker learns exactly where to look for specific details and thus saves time that would have been unnecessarily wasted looking for the data. The records may be like the records of publication, administration of CMIS, etc. Permission may also be set for accessing these records. In the IBM TRIRIGA programme, there are numerous permission levels that ensure that the documents are stored and used safely.


  1. Accessibility

Accessibility is a great feature as the never-ending developments continue to be introduced to the server and rapidly hit all users. The Integrated Workforce Management System has ensured that everyone has convenient access to IT resources. This is a wonderful feature because it enables individuals with disabilities to quickly access different applications with minimal effort. People with disabilities, such as restricted mobility of some sort or impaired vision, can easily use different applications. Without any external assistance, this feature will help them access all information technology items. This has helped many people, and progress is being made on this functionality to make their lives as easy as possible.


  1. Management of Environment Sustainability

To ensure the environment’s sustainability, the energy manager is very beneficial. Each management has a clear objective of sustainability that he/she must uphold throughout the facilities. The workplace manager’s energy manager is responsible for monitoring and recording a manager’s energy sustainability. It involves monitoring of CO2 emissions, tracking of waste disposal, service tracking, etc.



  1. Management of real estate

IBM TRIRIGA has numerous managers who oversee different departments, such as real estate, success in the workplace, environmental sustainability, etc. The IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager is the one who oversees all real estate activities, such as the real estate portfolio, its status, location costs, etc. It is extremely helpful as you need to control the data periodically for the best usage of the resources. IBM TRIRIGA helps to track and handle the lease contract and different arrangements if you have a leased house.


IBM TRIRIGA’s features listed above are very helpful to businesses that have adopted an Integrated Workforce Management System. IBM TRIRIGA XaaS is a famous platform for on demand consulting and is highly recommended. If you do not have IWMS incorporated yet, look at its features and decide for you.



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