5 Low-Maintenance Paints For Your Home’s Exterior

Exterior paint options are quite different from those you get for interior painting. This is because there are so many factors you have to consider before making the final purchase. Exterior paint must be resistant to weather elements, be waterproof, and have excellent color retention qualities. The exterior of your house experiences a lot of traffic, and the paint needs to withstand this and maintain the beautiful outlook of your home. Here are the types of paints you can look into;

Latex Paints

More professional painters have recently gravitated towards using latex paints as their benefits outweigh their cons. They dry fast at the top of that list, making them suitable when you want a quick paint job. Unlike oil-based paints, these paints do not emit fumes which can affect your health and the environment. Latex paints can easily contract and expand, thus making them ideal for warm and cold temperatures. 

You have the leeway to use latex paints over oil paints when you want a quick touch-up on your walls. Your house’s exterior is prone to gathering dust which you can easily clean with soap and water on latex painted surfaces. This paint is excellent on wood, metal, and walls. Good quality latex paints will save you time and money as it lasts long. Ensure that you get exterior latex paint because interior paint will not get the job done correctly.

Gloss Paint

Gloss paint is a good fit for patio railings. The shiny nature of this paint improves the aesthetic of your home instantly and is quite durable. You need not worry when your walls are exposed to dirt as the paint makes them easy to clean. This paint reflects light that can reveal any dents on your walls; fixing these imperfections will improve the paintwork. Gloss paints are great when you want to add a bit of class to your home’s exterior.

Enamel Paint

A defining characteristic of enamel paint is that it dries to an interstitial coating. This paint goes pretty well over imperfections and protects from further damage. The exterior of your home can be pretty busy, from animal traffic to people and enamel paints are pretty forgiving and resilient. 

Enamel paint is an excellent way to give your porch chair a rustic, rugged look. This paint is tough such that you may not need to prime or sand your surfaces before painting. This paint is quite popular because it is resistant to dirt, dries quickly, and is cost-effective. Enamel paints can be synthetic, oil-based, and even water-based. The paint shows lesser brush marks making it easy to use when you want to paint your house yourself.

White Wash Paints

Look no further than whitewash paint when you want to go for an old country vibe. It is a cheap option for paint that gives you great results. The paint can be removed without much hassle and is eco-friendly. Using whitewash paints for your porch furniture and ornaments bring warmth to the wood without completely obscuring it. 

Want to transform the outside of your house to ancient roman times? You can with this paint. The paint has a high PH making it resistant to mold and great for lime washed brick and your fireplace. It is a low-maintenance paint that patinas with time and lasts for years.

Solvent-Based Paints

People tend to go for oil paints for several reasons, especially for their home’s exterior. The paint is cheaper than most paints and is durable. The paint is hailed as the best option for areas that experience heavy traffic, such as the railing and trim. 

It is fantastic when you need a bit more coverage for bumps and imperfections on surfaces such as walls and outdoor furniture. With a bit of paint thinner, you can quickly clean up and restore the walls’ beautiful finish. Your wood furniture is protected from the elements when you use solvent-based paints.

Final Thoughts

There are many paint options you can go for to add some color to your home. The key to a satisfactory paint job is to gather all the necessary tools and use the correct paint. As a general rule, exterior paint needs to look great in all seasons, have no volatile organic compounds, be easily washable, and be adhesive enough to last a long time without peeling.

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