5 Mistakes to Minimize Ice Machine Repair Cost

Are you looking for ice machine repair or other such services? EZ TEMP is providing professional quality heating, cooling, and refrigeration services. Ice machines are one of the essential requirements for many businesses as well as residential venues. A quality ice machine is important for the ones who are in the food and catering industries. If you are looking for an ice machine, the decision can be quite confusing for you. You can find a variety of models in the market. However, if you end up choosing the wrong one or not able to operate it the right way, the consequences can be even worse. That’s why it can cost you a lot in the long-run as the ice machine repair are quite costly. Therefore, you need to carefully select the ice machine that suits your requirements.   

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Ice-Machines

Some of the mistakes to avoid while buying the ice machine are: 

Not understanding Your Requirements 

Ice machines have the variable potential for producing ice. The ice-making capacities of these machines can greatly vary. Thus, you need to find an ice machine that can fulfill your ice requirements. Similarly, an ice maker that is too huge for your needs is also not beneficial for you because it can increase your water and electricity bills. Thus, you need to figure out your ice requirements. 

Incompatible with your Plumbing Systems

Ice machines require a continuous supply of water. Using an ice machine that isn’t compatible with your current plumbing system. If you fail to ensure that the ice machine is compatible with your plumbing system, you can end up with bigger problems. This can result in undersized ice cubes, leaky water inlets, etc. Besides this, you need to place the ice-machine near the floor drain to collect the excess water. 

Buying the Wrong Ice-Machines  

You should avoid buying the wrong ice-machines. Ice-machines can be of various types. Three basic types of ice machines are: 

a- Modular ice-machine:

These are also known as ice-machine heads and are placed on the top of an ice-machine bin. The user has to buy ice-bin separately. These ice-machines can produce 250-1000 lbs. ice per day. This machine is useful for the large food service area and packaging ice for retail sale. 

b- Undercounter ice-machine:

This ice-machine is a combination of a machine head with a storage bin. These machines can produce up to 350 lbs. ice per day. These ice-machines are useful for hotels, restaurants, and bars, etc. 

c- Countertop ice-machine:

These machines are placed on the top of countertops and preferred for smaller setups. They can make ice up to 400 lbs. per day making them a good choice for bars and diners. 

Buying an Ice-Machine with the Wrong Compressor 

The appropriate compressor is important for the efficient working of an ice-machine. Therefore, considering the ice-machine compressor before buying an ice-machine is important. Three main types of compressors are: 

a- Air-cooled compressor:

This ice-machine compressor is the most economical one. This air-cooled compressor uses ambient air to cool down and runs independently of water. This compressor reduces the cost of water bills and requires clear space around them to keep them running. 

b- Water-cooled compressor:

This compressor works well in smaller spaces and is directly connected to your plumbing system. This compressor is suitable for areas where the ambient temperature is slightly higher and contains high levels of dust and contaminants. 

c- Remote-cooled compressor:

This compressor is usually independent of the ice makers and can be present on the roof or outdoor areas. This compressor is suitable only if the current conditions are not suitable for water- or air-cooled models. 

Ignoring Maintenance and Cleaning 

Appropriate cleaning is necessary for the proper functioning of an ice-machine. Therefore, if you neglect the regular cleaning and maintenance of the ice-machine, it can result in bigger problems. Regular cleaning is recommended to clean avoid mold and limescale build-up.   


Choosing an ice-machine can be a crucial decision that can affect your business in the long run. Therefore, it is necessary to assess all the requirements before buying the machine. Moreover, proper cleaning and maintenance services are essential for the appropriate working of ice-machines. However, if you are looking for the best quality heating, cooling, and refrigeration services, EZ TEMP is there for you.   

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