5 Packing Tips for Fragile Items

You have packed your furniture, wardrobe, and heavy kitchen accessories. Now you have to move on to the fragile and precious items. These accessories need extra care while packaging. If you don’t box and wrap them properly, they will end up breaking during transit. Most delicate items are expensive.

Whether it is the new glass sets you ordered for guests or precious jewelry, these items must be double-wrapped in plastic bags before they go into the packing suitcase. Do not leave the packing of fragile items to the last minute. Here are a few packing tips for delicate accessories.

Cushioning for Added Protection

Glasses and delicate items will most likely break if they are not cushioned well. You can’t just put them in a cardboard box. You should wrap the glasses with bubble wrap and plastic bags before putting them into the box. Newspapers can also be used for secure wrapping. You should also cushion the bottom of the boxes for added protection. If bubble wraps are not in your budget, use newspapers or plastic bags.

Leave no Gap

Removalists Adelaide suggest that you should pack fragile items as tightly as possible. Even the slightest gap can result in the items banging with each other during transit. Pack your delicate items tightly and leave no gap between them. Don’t worry about the load. Movers South Melbourne will take care of the lifting and loading part. They will also help you unload your boxes in your new home.

Use Robust Boxes

It goes without saying that fragile items need robust boxes. You may have wrapped them in bubble wraps, newspapers, and plastic bags, but all this packing is of no use if you can’t use a sturdy box. You need robust boxes featuring thicker cardboard. The boxes you use for delicate items must be strong enough to withstand sudden turns and breaks. Discuss your goals with the packing suppliers. They will give you special packing accessories for delicate items.

Unpack Smoothly

You don’t want to carry your delicate items safely to the new home only to break them while unpacking. Make sure you label each box so that you know which box has which items. Labels will help you locate boxes with delicate items while you are unpacking. So, pay special attention to box unpacking. Don’t just take stuff out. Be careful with the delicate accessories and place them immediately after unpacking. Or, you can unpack these boxes at last.

Hire Professional Movers

Hire Melbourne to Brisbane Removalist to ensure smooth and seamless packing, loading, and unloading of your fragile items. No matter how carefully you pack these accessories, the delicate items will most likely break if the movers drop the box. So, check the experience and professionalism of the moving company before booking. Never book last-minute moving. You should plan your packing and moving 4-5 weeks before the moving day. This will give you enough time to scan the movers’ portfolio and hire the best moving company.

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