5 Powerful Reasons To Use Sanitary Napkin

Caring for yourself during menstruation is just as important as your day to day activities. Negligence in menstrual hygiene management could cause your body grievous harm and make you suffer unnecessarily. Even today, when several menstrual hygiene products like sanitary napkins, tampons and menstrual cups are available, 88% of Indian women don’t use or have access to even the most basic form of menstrual protection available in the market. Instead, they use old rags, mud or anything they can find that can collect menstrual blood. This poses as not only a mentual hygiene risk but a serious health risk too.


Here are some powerful reasons to use sanitary napkins during menstruation:


Reduced Risk of Infections

Using damp and dirty menstrual clothes or even using a sanitary napkin for more than 4 hours can create a perfect environment for growth and multiplication of harmful bacteria and yeasts. These microbes grow easily in humid environments created by the prolonged use of unhyenic absorbents or sanitaryn napkins. Upon contact with your urinary tract, they can cause painful urination, lower abdominal pain, back pain, or even fever. You can avoid these complications by using sun-dried and clead sanitary napkins for safe periods.


Reduces Rashes

Abrasions, allergy and prolonged wetness can cause harm to external genitalia and rashes during menstruation. When sanitary pads are not changed frequently, vaginal skin can get infected with bacteria or fungus, which can cause painful rashes. Biodegradable sanitary pads with all natural composition are effective in addressing problems like rashes and allergic reactions. They also help maintaining the natural microenvironment of the vagina by maintaining the pH of the region.


Provides Comfort

Natural, biodegradable pads are made of soft, non-synthetic plant-based material. They are cushiony and highly absorbent, commonly made of corn and bamboo fibres. It conforms to your shape so you never feel its presence in the most sensitive part of your body. It also ensures easy airflow to the vagina, allowing your skin to breathe freely. This keeps problems like odour, sweating and rashes away, thanks to the natural plant-based fibres these pads are made of.


Provides High Absorption

The inner layer of these pads are filled with bamboo pulp which is 300 times more absorbent than wood pulp. Bamboo sanitary pades are also more cost-effective when compared to regular pads. They are leak-proof and the additional wings prevent seepage.


Have Anti-Bacterial Properties

These bamboo sanitary pads have multiple benefits including the fact that the bamboo pulp has natural anti-bacterial properties, natural sterilisation effects and is capable of neutralising odours.


Menstruation is not demeaning but a virtue. When you make an education switch to better personal and menstrual hygiene products, you take control of your bodily processes in a very empowering manner. The overall advantages allow you to take charge of your body. When you switch to Peesafe natural sanitary pads, you free yourself from the compulsions of using synthetic pads during your periods. The multiple benefits of bamboo and corn pads overcome apprehensions about improper absorption, leaks and infections.

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