5 Reasons to Get Ceiling Battens in Your House

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Battens are a strip of material like timber, plastic, or metal used in building construction. They are used to raise a surface or act as the secondary framework where the surface is attached. Moreover, they give support and help keep the surface straight and firm. From roofing to the floor, battens are used in multiple areas of the house. When it comes to ceiling, these are also called branders and are primarily used for remedial reasons. Aside from increasing the aesthetic appeal of the house, getting Rondo ceiling battens have other benefits, as well, as listed below.

  1. Plasterboard doesn’t crack

Most houses have a drywall or plasterboard behind walls. While being durable, these can be prone to cracks over time and under certain climatic or environmental conditions when placed directly against the timber. On a ceiling, such cracks can ruin the overall appeal. Using a batten can prevent the crack and on related repairs in the future.

  1. Get them flat ceilings

Often time, timber placement during construction can end being uneven and it is not even discovered until the work is done. Other times, the wooden piece itself can be uneven. This can result in an uneven ceiling, which a batten can prevent. These wooden or metal strips allow your ceiling to be flat and level.

  1. Lessen the impact of noise

When used in conjunction with clips, Rondo ceiling battens can reduce the noise impact between the top and bottom levels of the house. This means, when someone jumps or walks in the first floor, the person in the floor below doesn’t have to deal with annoying thudding sounds. Sure, would have helped Mr. Heckles deal with Monica and Rachel.

  1. Timbre shrinking effect is less

How many times have you come across a house with a shrunken timber issue? This is a very common problem to occur in older homes and causes the wood to warp and result in cracks in walls and ceiling. However, when your ceiling has a batten lining, it is less likely to be affected by this phenomenon.

  1. Lesser chance of maintenance

When your ceiling and walls have wooden or steel reinforcements, the chances of repairs and maintenance work is less. Therefore, you are less likely to call up your contractor for redoing the job or repairing it, saving your time and money, significantly.


Ceilings are one of the parts of the house that needs to be done perfectly the first time. It is not easy to repair any issues here by ourselves. Therefore, we will need to call in the professionals, which is an extra expense most like to avoid. It is easy to prevent this by using a ceiling batten in the first place. 

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