5 Reasons to Pursue a Career In Energy Storage

Energy storage is among the top innovations in the energy and utility industry. The ability to capture the energy and store it for future use allows communities to access electricity and other energy forms when it matters. Therefore, it only makes sense that you would be interested in this resourceful industry. In fact, we have compiled five additional reasons to show to prove that energy storage careers are a perfect choice.

  1. There’s a High Demand for Professionals

According to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), energy storage jobs will increase by 859%. This is extremely positive news for anyone who doubts taking the plunge into energy storage. Moreover, the career opportunities span various sub-indc                                    ustries, including petroleum, coal power, gas, renewable energy, energy trading, and nuclear power.

Energy storage recruitment companies list vacancies monthly for different professionals in research, engineering, IT, maintenance, HR, and more. That means, apart from job security, you will also enjoy the freedom of pursuing your career path within the industry.

  1. Lucrative Salaries

Ultimately, people pursue good careers mainly for professional development and a lucrative salary. There’s nothing wrong with desiring a comfortable lifestyle, and you’ll definitely achieve that with an energy storage career.

The survey by EDF projects earnings of up to $620 billion by 2040 for the energy storage industry, which will also translate into good earnings. Additionally, Comparably states that the average annual salary for energy storage technicians ranges from $53,370 to $108,900 or more. These are promising figures, and with the vast opportunities, you’ll increase your salary in no time.

  1. You Will Make A Difference

Energy storage isn’t restricted to the United States. Many organizations are traveling to developing countries hoping to introduce energy storage systems that will provide solutions to power problems. Wouldn’t you like to be part of this change?

Working in energy storage allows you to touch lives and make a difference in areas that require affordable energy solutions. What’s more, by introducing energy storage in these areas, you’ll also provide employment opportunities for the locals.

  1. You Will Explore the World

As mentioned above, many energy storage organizations travel worldwide, helping underdeveloped nations benefit from renewable energy. Therefore, as part of the team, you will travel locally and internationally, which is exciting and enlightening. Usually, travel is more accessible for maintenance, engineering, and management positions.

  1. It is an Innovative Career Path

If you don’t enjoy a recurring routine, a career in energy storage is perfect. Each day is different as professionals work on different projects and introduce new exciting technologies. For example, you can work on solar panel installation and maintenance and design part of an electric car the next day.

Energy storage is a fun field where you’ll have the opportunity to apply your theoretical and hands-on experience in equal measure. Who knows what will happen when you tap into your creativity?

So, what do you think? Is an energy storage career worth it for you? Whether you’re convinced or not, reaching out to energy storage hiring companies or professionals in the field is beneficial. But overall, energy storage careers are the future of employment.

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