5 Reasons Why You Cannot Overlook Social Media for Improved SEO Results

Is your SEO strategy centered around link building and content reach? Are you overlooking the impact that your social media handles can have? Well, you shouldn’t. Why? We discuss this in this article.

Have you ever thought about the impact social shares from your website page creates on your search engine rankings? Well, you might see this as only about an outreach methodology. But the fact is that the number of social shares from a particular page on your site does have an impact on the search engine rankings.

It might not be a legitimate factor, it might not be something that Google lists down as a ranking factor, but in the end, it does help to make the page popular and followed, and all that helps in enhanced visibility and ranking of the page.

While Google has precisely stated that they don’t factor in social channels for ranking directly, it has been observed and studied that there stands a correlation between social shares (or social signals) and search result ranking. This is enough to say that your social media game has to be top-notch and you have to have a professional social media agency in Chicago, or elsewhere, to create that sound presence and reach on multiple social channels.

So, how social media is critical for your SEO journey? We list below some key reasons:

1. Social Signals – May or May Not Impact Search Ranking – Still Can’t be Overlooked
Talking about the aspect which we have already mentioned above, social signals aren’t a direct ranking factor in the eyes or methods of Google and other search engines. However, it doesn’t mean that you avoid paying any attention to this. The wider your presence and reach on social platforms, the more social signals you generate, it does work to give your website more prominence. More shares and followers on social channels mean visitors will flock to your website more through these sources and that will work in your favor.

2. Search Media Profiles Do Rank in Search Engine Results
If you are of the notion that only website pages appear in search results, then think again. Social media profiles like your brand’s Facebook page could appear in search results about the related keyword and content, and on the first page too. This means that your social handle works as effectively as the webpage and visitors could visit your social profile to get a hook on the brand, and then proceed to the website link.

3. Social Media Channels are Search Engines Too
Social media isn’t just about connecting with people and sharing posts and scrolling through the feeds. Social media channels have enhanced their functionalities which means the incorporation of search functions as well. Social media channels have become robust and search engines in themselves wherein people look for different stuff. Optimizing your social profiles will boost your visibility.

4. The measure of Your Reach
Sometimes what your content like a blog or article can’t do; is effectively achieved with a social media post. A post that you have shared about something interesting from your industry or field can become viral and widely followed and shared. This makes your brand reach more and more people, with people genuinely following you for more such posts and updates. This could also see them checking your portal. Regular and engaging social media posts mean you reach more people and that does give your brand more popularity and authority online.

5. Act as Sales Platform
Not just the web portal or mobile app, but your social media pages can also bring in sales. Yes, many brands are now leveraging this opportunity to bring in customers and conversion from their social channels. Your social media acts as the route through which you tell people what you are selling, engage them and convert them into buyers who check in to your portal and app for the purchase. All this means a boost in traffic and revenue.

Not just for enhancing reach amongst users and potential customers, but any professional content marketing agency in Chicago or elsewhere, makes use of social media for effective content marketing reach and engagement.

About the Author:
The author is related to a digital marketing agency based in Chicago that brings to the table innovative, thought-provoking, and comprehensive digital growth solutions. The company serves clients from all across the globe, from different industries, and of all sizes and types.

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