5 Reasons Why Your Solar Hot Water System Not Heating Water

Solar hot water systems are one of the most common types of water heaters. With the usage of renewable solar energy, hot water systems are quickly gaining dominance in the market. There is a wide range of benefits that are associated with the installation of solar hot water appliances. However, sometimes, issues may arise, resulting in a lack of hot water. Does the thought of a cold shower ruin your mood? We understand this and thus suggest that you recruit professionals immediately. But, are you curious to know why is your solar hot water system not heating water?

Reasons that explain why the solar hot water system not heating water

Multiple causes can lead to the solar hot water system, not heating water. To expand your knowledge, we have made a list of some of these reasons.

  • Leaking check valve

One of the most common causes of the solar hot water system not heating water is a leaky check valve. Moreover, you must also check the heating element. In some cases, the low setting of the thermostats can cause issues with water heating. Furthermore, there could also be problems with a heating element.

  • The orientation of the solar panel

Another thing that can cause the not heating water issue of the solar hot water system is the direction of the solar panel. Make sure that it is not covered by foliage. If that happens, you will need to trim off some branches. Moreover, ensure that there is proper tilting. Furthermore, you must also clean the panel and make sure that there is no dirt or debris to cause any hindrance.

  • Improper storage tank insulation

Often, we forget, but improper insulation of the hot water tank can also lead to this particular issue. If the insulation is not done correctly, you need to do it again. Moreover, check if you need an insulation blanket. Furthermore, you can also conduct insulation of the pipes, and make sure that the pipes and joints are sealed properly.

  • Issues with the sensor wires

You might not know, but reversed sensor wires can also lead to a Solar Hot Water System, not heating water. If you do find them in this condition, make sure that they are connected properly. Moreover, also check out if there are any shorted sensors or faulty controllers. Furthermore, you must also be on the lookout for loose connections.

  • Corroded piping

Corrosion is another reason that can lead to the issue of water, not heating. In that case, the best option is to replace the pipes. Also, if you observe any type of mineral deposits, make sure that you clean them to get rid of the blockage. Moreover, check if the isolation valves are properly opened.

Other reasons for the solar hot water system, not heating water

Apart from the reasons listed above, many other causes can explain why the solar hot water system not heating water. For instance, it can be due to improper drainage or issues with the pressure gauge. Moreover, damage to the backup heating and insufficient tank size can also contribute to this problem.

Having issues with the solar hot water system? Get the expert aid now!

The solar hot water system, though efficient, can also encounter some problems. One of the most common issues is the solar hot water system not heating water. Now, various reasons explain the occurrence of this particular issue. However, you shouldn’t try to fix it yourself. Due to its complexities and wirings, you might worsen the problem even more.

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