5 Signs That Indicate Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

Summer is in full swing, which means one thing for homeowners: air conditioners are running around the clock! But, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about your AC until it’s not working properly.

Here are five signs that indicate your air conditioner needs servicing. Keep an eye out for these warning signs, and if you see any of them, call a professional to come to take a look.

1) AC Is Not Cooling Your Home As It Should

The ideal temperature for your home should be around 78 degrees. However, if your air conditioner is not keeping your home cool enough, it might be time to get it serviced.

There could be several reasons why your AC isn’t performing as well as it should be. Maybe the Freon levels are low, or there could be an issue with the compressor. Either way, a professional will be able to take a look and determine what is wrong.

The best air conditioning service in Porterville can quickly diagnose and fix any issues you may be having with your AC unit.

2) There Is a Weird Noise Coming from the AC Unit

Do you hear any strange noises coming from your AC unit? If so, then it might be time to have it serviced. For example, a hissing noise could indicate a refrigerant leak, while a clicking noise could signify that the compressor or fan motor is failing.

If you hear any strange noises coming from your AC unit, contact the best company for air conditioning for your home Porterville. They can replace your old unit with a new and more efficient model.

3) The Electric Bill Has Increased Significantly in the Last Month

There can be several reasons your electric bill has increased. Still, if it’s drastic and you can’t think of any other possible explanation, your air conditioner may be working harder than usual.

It is especially true if the temperature outside hasn’t changed much. If your unit is older, it may not be as energy-efficient and may need to be replaced.

If you have a central air conditioner, annual service is essential for keeping it in good working order. In addition, a new air conditioner may cut your energy use by 30 percent.

4) Water Is Leaking From the AC Unit

Water leakage occurs for many reasons, the most common problem with the drainage pipe. If there is water around your AC unit, it’s essential to have it checked out as soon as possible because it could signify a much bigger issue.

Leaving it will only do further damage and may even lead to mold or mildew growth, harming your health.

5) Ice Is Forming on the Coils

Coils are the part of your AC that helps to cool the air as it passes through. When coils get too cold, they can cause ice to form. It can reduce the efficiency of your AC and cause it to work harder than it needs to. So if you notice ice forming on your coils, it’s good to have them serviced or replaced.


It is crucial to call experts for AC servicing as soon as you notice any of the five signs discussed above. The sooner you act, the better it is for your air conditioner and wallet.

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