5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Honda Odyssey Catalytic Converter


In automotive maintenance, few components are as crucial to both the performance of your vehicle and the environment as the catalytic converter. Responsible for converting harmful pollutants into less harmful substances, a properly functioning catalytic converter is essential for maintaining optimal engine performance and reducing emissions.

  1. Decreased Fuel Efficiency

One of the earliest indicators that your Catalytic Converter for 2005-2013 Honda Odyssey may be failing is a noticeable drop in fuel efficiency. If you find yourself visiting the gas station more frequently without a clear explanation, your catalytic converter could be the culprit. Excel Exhaust recognizes that a compromised catalytic converter can significantly impact fuel efficiency, prompting drivers to consider a replacement for improved mileage and reduced fuel costs.

  1. Unusual Noises

A failing catalytic converter may produce unusual sounds, signaling internal damage or blockage. Rattles, hisses, or metallic clanking noises from the exhaust system could be indicative of a faulty converter. Excel Exhaust, with its expertise in manufacturing high-quality catalytic converters, understands the importance of addressing these auditory warning signs promptly to prevent further damage to your vehicle and maintain a smooth, quiet ride.

  1. Check Engine Light Illumination

Modern vehicles are equipped with sophisticated onboard diagnostics systems, and a lit check engine light is often the first indication of trouble. While it could signify various issues, a failing catalytic converter is a common culprit. Excel Exhaust acknowledges that prompt attention to a check engine light can prevent further damage to the catalytic converter and other engine components, ensuring your Honda Odyssey operates at peak efficiency.

  1. Failed Emissions Test

During routine emissions testing, a failing catalytic converter can lead to increased emissions, causing your vehicle to fail the test. Excel Exhaust recognizes the importance of compliance with environmental regulations and emphasizes the role of a properly functioning catalytic converter in reducing harmful emissions. Replacing a failing converter with a quality product from Excel Exhaust ensures your Honda Odyssey meets or exceeds emissions standards, contributing to a cleaner environment.

  1. Reduced Acceleration and Power

If you’ve noticed a significant decrease in your Honda Odyssey’s acceleration and power, a failing catalytic converter may be restricting the exhaust flow. Excel Exhaust understands that restoring proper engine performance is crucial for an enjoyable driving experience. Upgrading to a premium-grade catalytic converter from Excel Exhaust can help rejuvenate your vehicle’s power and responsiveness.


In addressing these signs of a failing catalytic converter, it’s important to consider a replacement that not only restores your vehicle’s performance but also contributes to a cleaner environment. This is where Excel Exhaust Systems excels. Established in 2016 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Excel Exhaust has become a leading catalytic converter manufacturer and distributor in North America.

Excel Exhaust’s commitment to meeting customer needs is evident in its extensive selection of quality catalytic converters and exhaust pipes. Using premium-grade ceramic substrates, Excel Exhaust ensures that its products meet and exceed OEM performance and reliability standards. The company’s full line of catalytic converters, including hard-to-find direct fit manifold and warm-up catalytic converters, addresses the diverse needs of vehicle owners.

To guarantee the best quality, Excel Exhaust ensures that all its products are up to date with the latest regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency. By choosing Excel Exhaust for your catalytic converter replacement, you not only enhance the performance of your Honda Odyssey but also contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

It’s worth noting that the emission problem isn’t exclusive to the Honda Odyssey. Excel Exhaust recognizes that Catalytic Converter for 2003-2017 Honda Accord

faces similar issues, and their product lineup caters to a wide range of Honda models. Whether you drive an Odyssey or an Accord, Excel Exhaust Systems provides a reliable solution to emission challenges, ensuring your vehicle operates efficiently and with minimal impact on the environment.

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