5 Skills That Can Land You a Job in a Production Company in Singapore

Any Ad, video, movie, or TV show that you have watched requires a team at the backend to produce. No matter how small or big a production is, it always has a Team of individuals and quality equipment that you don’t see.

This team usually belong to a production company that is producing this specific project, and by acquiring some skills, you can also become a part of this team. Sounds Interesting right? Yes, it sure is because production houses are creative places where they create true visual marvels. And if we talk about the production companies in Singapore, they are a different breed of creative individuals.

Yea, we know that not all of them are the same, but what we have witnessed so far is astonishing. Most of them have unique ways of producing creative stuff, but we are not here to talk about that. What we are here to discuss is what skills do you need to join them? Well, joining them is not easy, but also not impossible.

So, in this article, we will discuss what positions you can aim for by acquiring relevant skills. So, let’s begin your creative journey.

Acquire Videography Skills to Be the Man Behind the Camera

The first and most obvious skill that you can acquire is Videography, but this skill might require you to invest in an expensive camera. We recommend a budget DSLR camera for acquiring this skill. However, some agencies might also require relevant education in this field.

So, what you can do is instead of opting for a filmmaking or videography degree, you can take part in certified courses. We know that you might think that this is an expensive skill to acquire, but the long-term benefits are better than other skills.

But if this doesn’t tingle your belly, don’t just skedaddle, stick with us because we have more information about skills that you can acquire without expensive investments.

Learn Video Editing Skills to Deliver True Miracles

So, the next skill on our list is video editing. It is comparatively easy to learn and requires a bit less investment than Videography. However, it might be easy to learn, but it’s hard to master, and mastering is what you should aim for before applying anywhere. If you truly possess the most unique and best editing skills, your portfolio will talk for you, not your education.

But you still need to invest in an editing capable computer and premium video editing software. For that, we recommend building a desktop computer by outsourcing different parts instead of buying a branded one. Because you can build a powerful machine with a lower budget.

On the other hand, for software, we recommend keeping an eye out for sales or student packages of the popular software to invest in.

Acquire Graphic Designing Skills to Extend Your Reach Beyond Video Production.

Graphic designing is another skill that a production company in Singapore usually requires. It is a skill that is in high demand and it can open up ample opportunities for you. And it does not require you to invest in an expensive computer, but still, it requires you to invest in software’s. So comparatively, it is cheaper than both the Videography and editing skill.

Become a Writer and Uncover Your Creative Side

Writing is another essential that every production company in Singapore requires. The investment for learning this skill is low, but it is a more creative and mind-numbing skill than others. However, if you are creative enough you can easily master it without investing in expensive software or computers.

Modeling/Acting Skills can Land You a Job as Well.

The last skill on our list is modeling/acting. If you build a great physique and can acquire some acting skills, you can become the face of modeling agencies. Because it does not matter who is at the backend, the quality of production can only be enhanced by the on-screen presence of the model.


This article was an overview of some basic skills that you need to create a career in a production company in Singapore. We know that acquiring some of these skills can be expensive, but keep the benefits in mind and start your creative journey right now!


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