5 Steps to Take After a Serious Personal Injury in Your Family

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A personal injury in your family can have serious side effects if you don’t address the problem adequately. You have to consider various factors, such as whether the accident occurred due to an accident or negligence issues. Furthermore, you have to consider issues such as legal representation and more. Luckily, this guide goes in-depth into all the specific factors to consider:

1. Ensure the Individual Is Safe

Before anything else, ensure that you or the affected individual is safe first. Usually, a personal injury leads to issues such as shock or even life-threatening conditions. Before considering the cause or nature of the accident, ensure that the affected individuals get medical help first. Sometimes, first responders such as the 911 team might arrive first, which is not always guaranteed. Find ways to secure the accident scene first, such as isolating the victim and any causes of the accident, such as a leaking gas pipe.

2. Get in Touch with First Responders

These are the people responsible for providing emergency services, such as the fire department and police. Ensure you get to call them, usually through 911, and give a thorough detail of the nature of the accident or injury. Be calm in sharing the information, even if you might have experienced shock during the accident. Doing this will ensure you receive the best emergency help, especially as some people often get details such as location wrong.

Be careful with whom you speak with, such as when the accident occurred due to a negligent car driver. Speaking with the wrong parties at car accident scenes can easily compromise your ability to make rightful claims.

3. Perform Basic First Aid

Once you have secured the accident scene, try and perform basic first aid as you wait for the first responders. Try and find the first aid kit in your car or home as fast as possible. There are different types of first aid techniques you can use to address personal injury. That is because the injury can be a bleeding wound, broken bone, or burnt skin. Regardless, you have a few options in performing DIY first aid for the individual, including:

  • Ensuring the individual sits in a well-ventilated area.
  • Administering pain mild pain killers.
  • Alleviating the position of the individual to alleviate pain.
  • Giving comfort and assurance to the individual as you wait.

4. Get in Touch with a Lawyer

If you or your loved one has received treatment for the injuries, ensure you get evidence of your medical checkups. These include all the treatments, medicine, and care you have received throughout the entire time. Next, call your attorney, and give them an account of the entire personal injury experience. Here is where the data you gathered during the accident should be helpful. The data includes medical records and reports that you can provide relating to the personal injury.

Whenever you get medical care for injuries related to the wreck, always keep a record of your doctor or clinic visits, as well as medications and treatments you receive. For instance, you need this information for when you get in touch with a New York personal injury attorney that you trust.

5. Get in Touch with Insurance Companies

The following step is to get in touch with an insurance company. While the cause of the accident may not be your fault, ensure you inform your family’s insurance service about it anyway. It’s vital if you have medical or auto insurance. Your insurance service might provide coverage for the injury or accident based on the terms of the agreement. So, you have to ensure you choose coverage that is likely to cover you and your family during accidents.

When consulting with the insurance service, only provide them with the correct information. Additionally, if you want to involve your attorney, never offer things such as a recorded statement. These are forms of evidence that can eventually compromise the claims you make for your case.


There is no way of predicting if you or someone close to your family will experience a personal injury. However, you can always manage the issue using different measures and techniques. Your ability to choose the suitable options will ensure you recover properly.

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