5 Strategies Businesses Can Use to Increase Engagement

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“Customer engagement” is a term you hear marketers use often, but it is not always well understood. It is a lot more than a catchphrase. Customer engagement underscores the entire reason for the existence of marketing departments.


The end goal is to create a connection and build a relationship with customers that leads to brand loyalty. Brand loyalty motivates customers to purchase products from you instead of your competition. Hopefully, customer engagement turns your customers into ambassadors for your product. Here are five strategies you can use today to increase customer engagement.

1. Maximize Your Customers’ Experience

Businesses that improve their customers’ experience see a marked increase in revenue. But this should not be surprising to anyone. Everyone has had a negative experience with a brand, which leads them to swear off that brand forever.


It could be something as simple as a bad interaction with a service rep or an online check-out that requires excessive authentication. These things are examples of a bad user experience that leads to poor user engagement.


It is up to you to deliver excellent customer experiences by first examining how you interact with your customers. If you interact face-to-face with your customers, then training your sales reps to be attentive and polite is key. Online interactions, especially social media and email, also require a particular protocol to leave your users with a good taste in their mouths.

2. Make the Most of Conversational Marketing

Your customers are savvy when it comes to digital marketing. The majority are first going to interact with your brand online. They want to connect with your brand and your company’s representatives on their schedule. If a customer purchases a product from you in the middle of the night and there is an issue with the payment, they want you to fix the problem at that moment.


Chatbots that use artificial intelligence can create conversational engagement experiences, like interacting with a real person. Even if your customers realize that they are interacting with a chatbot, as long as the information they receive is relevant and the communication is fluid, they won’t mind.

3. Focus on Social Media Marketing

It does not take a ton of marketing savvy to realize that your business must be active on social media. The question is how to use social media effectively. Social media is full of brands and products vying for customers’ attention. Your engagement activities must be laser-focused.


This means posting frequently and regularly. It doesn’t have to be daily, but there should be consistent communication that customers can connect to. The goal is to start conversations on social media instead of just blasting your customers with information. Create a forum that allows for dialogue. Include contests, polls, and quizzes. Also, make sure that you follow up with customers when they engage with you.

4. Make the Most of Video

Video is a powerful marketing tool for capturing the minds and hearts of your customers. Engaging videos should be short, concise, and attractive to your audience.


Great video storytelling is critical. People’s love of a great story will never change. The brain is hardwired to want to hear a narrative that allows them to understand what’s going on around them. If you can create moving stories with your brand videos, you will generate customer engagement.

5. Using the Positive Power of Persuasion

Engaging with your customers is like making a sales pitch. In sales seminars, you learn how to impress people when they ask tough technical questions, how to make an excellent first impression, and how to make your presentations fun. You also learn to evaluate your sales pitch and see why you didn’t close the deal. In essence, you understand the power of persuasion.


Persuasion means that you are not pushing your idea on a buyer. Instead, you are luring them in or attracting them to your idea. If you can get people to trust you and believe you, they will be motivated to do business with you.

Keep Things Simple

Customer engagement campaigns do not have to be complicated to get good results. They need to be well-planned, targeted to your customers, and focused on tactics that transmit your message in a clear and likable way.

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