5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Any Digital Signature Services Provider!!

Whether to make an online transaction or to sign a document digitally, every individual looks for digital security. And that’s where a Digital Signature certificate comes into play.


A Digital Signature Certificate authenticates your identity electronically. A Digital Signature Certificate when used provides a high level of security for your online transactions and ensures absolute privacy of the information exchanged.


Buying a DSC is easy but from where to is an important decision to make. Sometimes it can be tricky as well. The product purchased must be easy to use and legally valid to be used at various government websites.


There are 5 TOP Points to be considered while selecting the perfect DSC Vendor for you; 


  1. The Signer must have valid identity proof. And the obtained DSC should be issued by any recognized certifying authority registered under the CCA, India. They must go through a mandated Audit Trail every year.


  1. They must educate their users about the functionality and usage of the Digital signature certificate on various government portals.


  1. There must be a declaration signed by the user to mention the area of usage of their DSC, where they would be placing the digital signature to sign the documents digitally. Any individual or organization seeking Digital Identity must use their valid Aadhaar or PAN card.


  1. The user must not find them stuck at the integration as it says that the documents must match the given version, before and after it is signed.
  2. The DSC vendor should have a professional sales and support team to look after and answer the questions raised by the applicants without any hassle.

Many DSC Providers and certifying authorities like CAPRICORN CA, help you to get a valid Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate in just 15 minutes. So, whenever you are selecting your next DSC vendor make sure it matches all the above mentioned thresholds.

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