50 Easy General Sciences Assignment Topics In 2022

Passing competitive tests has become essential for pursuing higher education or landing a desired job. These tests primarily assess applicants’ understanding of Mathematics, General Science, English, and Logical Reasoning. Although each area is equally important, science is the hardest, and with so many applicants applying each year, it is crucial to lay a solid foundation and hit the mark to stand out from the crowd.

General Science is what?

A variety of fundamental subjects from the three areas of science—Physics, Biology, and Chemistry—make up general science (BiPC subjects). This part often contains the themes that discuss applying the three sections’ common ideas in real-world situations. To get the best score on any exam, including the SAT or SSC, it’s critical to understand the material thoroughly. Below are a few of the crucial General Science subjects:

  • Typical medications and how they are used
  • Common names for chemical compounds
  • Scientific rules and theories
  • SI units; atomic structure
  • Crucial information about the human body
  • Information about plant and animal tissues
  • Crucial innovations and so forth.


  1. Which area of the human body produces white blood cells?
  2. The human heart has how many chambers?
  3. How many different kinds of kidney stones may a person develop?
  4. What distinguishes plant cells from animal cells?
  5. Which area of the brain is thought to be the biggest?
  6. Who discovered the Ayurveda medical system?
  7. What would happen if the cell’s nucleus was taken out?
  8. What distinguishes prokaryotic from eukaryotic cells?
  9. What and how do vaccines function?
  10. How many bones do infants have overall?
  11. What distinguishes communicable diseases from non-communicable diseases?
  12. What distinguishes the heterotrophic and autotrophic forms of feeding, respectively?
  13. Which bone is the most prolonged or most extensive in the human body?
  14. History, cause, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of the Ebola virus
  15. What and how does plasma therapy function?
  16. How much blood is there in the human body?
  17. What is a colon infection, exactly?
  18. What are T-cells, and how do they combat COVID-19?
  19. The first project in the Indian Ocean used genome mapping.
  20. What distinguishes the COVID-19 Delta and Delta plus Variants?


  1. What distinguishes blue hydrogen from green hydrogen?
  2. What is a fundamental substance’s pH level?
  3. What is RDX’s real name?
  4. What distinguishes baking powder from baking soda?
  5. Identify the particle necessary to carry on the chain reaction of uranium fission.
  6. Identify the metal that is used to galvanize iron.
  7. What metal may be sliced with a knife?
  8. Why is sodium kept underneath kerosene?
  9. What substance is also known as laughing gas?
  10. What is referred to as liquid gold?
  11. What is the rat poison’s chemical name?
  12. Identify the gas that fire extinguishers utilize.
  13. Identify the gas that often causes the greenhouse effect.
  14. Which acid is utilized in automotive batteries?
  15. Why does gold not rust?
  16. The chemical name of vitamin E is?
  17. What exactly is “One TM”?
  18. What Is Catalysis?
  19. Causes of the earthy smell of soil after rain.
  20. Do you know whether soap or sanitizer is superior?


  1. Which mirror do drivers use?
  2. How is the little current measured, second?
  3. What is the unit “Dioptre”?
  4. Describe uniform circular motion.
  5. Who designed the first modern automobile?
  6. What qualities do sound waves have?
  7. What kind of mirror do dentists use?
  8. How does doomsday clockwork?
  9. What is the unit of “Farad”?
  10. What electromagnetic waves are employed in remote controls for televisions and other devices?
  11. What are the Primary Physics Branches?
  12. What is Kinetic Energy, exactly?
  13. What distinguishes light refraction from light reflection?
  14. How is solar energy generated?
  15. Why is a Super Blue Blood Moon so special?
  16. What is explained in Stephen Hawking’s final research paper?
  17. Do you know that a 127-year-old physics puzzle has been solved? What riddle was that?
  18. What is a bolometer used for?
  19. How do asteroids develop, and what do they consist of?
  20. How would you define radioactivity?

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