6 Creative Ways to be immediately more attractive

Everyone experiences those times when you wake up feeling it’s like, blah. There are a few simple tricks that you can apply to increase your confidence and make you appear attractive to other people while doing it. If it’s accentuating the face’s side or altering your walking style and dress, looking great has never been this easy. This is how you can master the process of transformation.

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1Wear Red


Who would have thought that colors could have such an impact in the way you look? A study from 2010 that was published in Journal of Experimental Psychology found that women adored it when men wore red. And, it was the same for women. In the study that was conducted conducted by Rochester University, men were more attractive to women when they were wearing red, too. This isn’t just about clothes also: another study discovered that red lipstick has similar effects.

2Show Your Hips Off


Do not try to conceal your hips. Instead, flaunt them. Wear pants that showcase your body and allow you to shake your hips while walking: One study of Texas A&M University found the attractiveness of women rose by 50% when they danced with hip sway. Just like Shakira always says: hips don’t lie.

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3Make Yourself look taller


Research has proven that that women like taller men than the shorter men around the globe, but the fact that you aren’t able to alter how tall you are doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to create yourself to appearlike you’ve grown just a couple of inches. Experts suggest staying with monochromatic colors–also called colors that have identical shades will make you appear more taller. Also, it’s super elegant: You can’t get away when you’re wearing a black look.

4-Highlight Left Side Of Your Face

It’s possible to not be aware of the opposite aspect of your appearance looking more attractive than the other, however an investigation released in Experimental Brain Research discovered that people prefer the left side rather than the other. When you’re taking photos or talking to people, tilt your head slightly to the left to show your left side and instantly appear more appealing.

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5Travel Groups Travel in groups

If you’ve ever seen How I Met Your Mother, the cheerleader effect is very real. (Well done, Barney.) The 2013 study showed that people are more attractive in groups , than on their individual. So, grab your buddies and head out to your top hot spots in groups.

6Fill the creases of your Eyebrows


Eyebrows that were thin used to be considered to be the most attractive look, but the ’90s are now over. After looking at photos of 763 females in the survey conducted in 2017 the researchers discovered that those who had large eyebrows looked younger and attractive. Learn how fill in your brows for a fuller (but not too natural!) look.

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