6 Important Road Safety Tips to Teach Your Teen

Teenagers are more vulnerable than they believe on the roadways. Most teens are unaware that they are more likely than any other age group to be killed or wounded in a car accident due to not fully understanding the rules of the road. 

Discover ways to keep your adolescent safe while they drive.

1. Educate your teen about automobile systems.

Educating your teenager on every part of the vehicle and ensuring they understand the car they are driving and its capabilities is an excellent method to keep them safe. Assure that your youngster checks everything before starting the vehicle. They should adjust their seat and mirrors correctly, tighten their seatbelt, put their phone away, and verify that all systems are functioning correctly. 

Familiarize your teen with the dashboard; they must understand all of the lights and messages. Consider receiving a notice that something is wrong and being lost on what to do. This is why they must pay attention to these details, even if they seem uninteresting or unimportant to your adolescent. Instruct your child that doing these checks frequently should become muscle memory and that they should do it each time they drive.

2. Educate your teen about zebra crossings.

Zebra crossings are located in areas where children and teens may safely cross the road. Teach your teenagers to cross the street only at designated zebra crossings. They should maintain a constant concentration on the road and glance in both directions to ensure there are no incoming cars. Assist them in determining the vehicle’s speed and impress upon them the need to cross when cars are a safe distance away from the zebra crossing.

3. Educate your teen to communicate effectively.

The blinker is a critical component of safe driving. When appropriately utilized, your turn signal can convey your choices and future movements to other vehicles. Utilize your horn sparingly and use it to alert other motorists when necessary.

Maintain a state of alertness and awareness of the conduct of other drivers so that you can respond appropriately in the event of an emergency. Regularly inspect your mirrors and check over your shoulder while changing lanes or backing up.

4. Educate your teen about distractions and techniques for mitigating them.

While mobile phones are undoubtedly the primary cause of distraction in many vehicles, they are simply one of many distractions for teenagers and older drivers. Additional distractions include listening to loud music, eating, drinking, and changing radio stations or songs.

The more distractions present simultaneously, the greater the likelihood that your child may be involved in an accident and require a car accident attorney in Houston, or wherever you live, to represent them in the court. This is why it is critical to educate kids on managing distractions effectively. 

For example, having passengers in the vehicle is a distraction, much more so if they are teenagers. This is not to say that your child shouldn’t drive their pals, but you must educate them that they must maintain control of the situation when driving. If their companions are becoming too boisterous, they must be able to subdue them and retain attention.

5. Educate your teen to keep a safe speed.

It might be tempting to exceed stated speed limits as your teen gains confidence behind the wheel. However, complying with the speed limit is critical for their own and others’ safety.

Additionally, because new drivers learn by example, your adolescent driver may follow suit if you drive dangerously. Always wear your seatbelt and never drive after consuming alcohol.

6. Educate your teen to sleep first and then drive.

While your child is probably wise enough not to drink and drive, did you realize that driving while drowsy may be just as dangerous? Sleep deprivation reduces an individual’s attention, working memory, and coordination abilities, all of which are necessary for safe driving.

Even though the collision risks are identical, young drivers do not consider the hazards of drunk driving and drowsy driving similarly. Teach your adolescent to recognize the warning symptoms of driver sleepiness, including daydreaming, difficulty concentrating, frequent blinking, heavy eyelids, and difficulty maintaining a straight posture.


Teaching your adolescent to drive safely may be an extremely nerve-wracking experience for all parties involved. However, if you keep these six points in mind, your adolescent will develop into an excellent driver. 

You play a critical part in educating your kid to drive safely, even if you are not in the vehicle with them. Avoid distractions, encourage cautious driving, and ensure that they adhere to the speed limits. Instilling these habits in adolescence will make your teen a great driver when they become an adult.

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