6 Interesting E-Juice Flavors To Give A Try

When buying e-liquid for your vape, some key factors to consider are the price, PV/VG ratio, nicotine strength, and vapor production. However, the flavor of the e-liquid is the most critical factor. You won’t use the liquid if you don’t like it.  


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You could scout the market for the best cheap e-juices, e-juices with stronger nicotine content, or a better PV/VG ratio to your preferences, but you need a specific flavor to vape. What’s more, you have to like it.


So your search for your go-to e-liquid begins. A wide range of flavor options is available, so it’s never easy deciding a particular blend is ‘the best.’ E-liquid vapors are subjective, so another person may not enjoy what you do.


So, which flavor should you go for?


Fortunately, e-liquid flavors fall into basic flavor profiles: tobacco, menthol, fruit, food, drinks, dessert, and candy. Your search can only get easier once you decide which profile you want to explore.


We’ve put together some exciting e-liquid flavors based on the primary flavor profiles, and you should try them out!

Banana Cream

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If you’re aiming for the well-known and loved- banana flavor, you should try banana cream – a sweet and creamy dessert flavor. 


When you inhale and exhale the banana cream flavor, the cream mixes with the banana, swirling around it, and adds a beautiful taste to your euphoric feeling. 


The banana cream flavor blends well with other flavors, making it an excellent choice and a must-try.


Are you looking to buy one already? Check out the banana-flavored e-juices offered by various brands on the market. They promise an exotic blend of cream exploding with banana flavor. Can it get better?




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One of the most popular flavors for beginners and arguably the best, the succulent strawberry is known for its sweet fruity flavor and distinct aroma. 


There are numerous variations of the strawberry flavor on the market, from natural fruit and dessert to menthol infused. Strawberry flavor blends well with the other flavors and doesn’t lose its sweet fruity flavor either.

Menthol Tobacco

This is a blend of two of the flavor classes: menthol and tobacco. While the menthol flavor boasts of being up there with the best e-juice flavors, a combination of menthol and tobacco is a class of its own. 


Menthol tobacco is one of the most popular vape juice flavors on the market and is also available in different varieties.


The menthol flavor re-invigorates your taste buds, leaving an icy-cool sensation on your tongue, while the tobacco flavor captures the essence of fresh tobacco enhanced with flavorings. 

Mixed Fruit

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Fruit is one of the primary flavor profiles and at the heart of numerous blends and flavors of e-juices. Each fruit brings its unique taste into a mixed fruit e-juice flavor, allowing the vaper to simultaneously enjoy different bursts of sensation and flavor.


There are many possible blends and combinations for a mixed fruit e-juice flavor. While you can play around with different fruit flavors, your options may be limited if you go for the exotic flavors – some are harder to make than others.


If you like this flavor option, there are numerous mixed fruit variations on the market. A blend of passion fruits, kiwi, and guava is not uncommon, and you can also get a simple blend of banana and lemon as the flavor for your e-juice.




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Watermelon e-juice vape flavor is a refreshing, iconic fruit flavor that delivers bliss in the form of flavor and smells, along with an exhilarating juicy sensation.


Like strawberry, watermelon blends well with other flavors, and strawberry and watermelon make for a perfect blend.


A unique blend is the watermelon menthol e-liquid that brings the fresh taste of watermelon with mint. Go for a PV/VG ratio of 20/80 for a vaping session that’s easier on your throat while still delivering the sweetness of its unique blend.

Choco Peppermint

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Choco peppermint e-liquid flavor is in the dessert category and brings a distinct, fresh mint flavor mixed with the creamy taste of chocolate. These e-liquids are infused with peppermint to spice the warmth chocolate brings to our tongues.


Dessert e-juice flavors, just like the choco peppermint, mimic the real thing in the essence of flavor, which makes them so good. Other dessert e-juice flavors like cheesecake, pies, and ice cream taste great as well, so don’t forget to try them out.

Let’s Go Vaping?

Are you ready to try these exciting e-liquid flavors? Or do you still find it hard to make a choice?


Start with a flavor close to what you’ve been using, and you can explore different blends of that. You will get curious and finally expand your reach to the other flavors and combinations to accompany a euphoric vaping experience.


Remember to consider all the other factors if your pick eludes you still. The PV/VG ratio is essential and can be easily controlled if you make your e-liquids yourself. Depending on your budget, you can make a good pick if you’re avoiding spending a fortune on e-juices. 


Last tip: Go wild on the liquids! Keep trying all the different food, drinks, and dessert flavors till you find something you like. If you have the bank, go for it. One more flavor won’t hurt.




We’ve done our bit and recommended six interesting vape juice flavors along with some excellent tips. The rest is up to you to try them. All the other factors involved in buying vaping e-liquid are irrelevant if you don’t enjoy the flavor.


Keep exploring till you find what suits you best. You can start from the weak flavors and work yourself up to the stronger ones, or you can pick based on the primary flavor profiles. You can go deeper and explore variations of blends and mixes on the market.


We do hope you found this list of e-liquid flavors to try useful. Pick one and lay back as exotic tastes and sensations mix with a euphoric feeling.


Happy vaping.

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