6 Mind Blowing Places to Go Shopping in Cebu

Cebu City of Philippines is not just famous as a trade center but also as a shopping hub. Shopaholics can go on a shopping spree, from budget-friendly markets of local products to upscale malls selling international brands. If you are someone who loves shopping while traveling to a new city, your holiday in Cebu cannot be complete without shopping. Check out these fantastic places to go shopping in Cebu.

Carbon Market

Carbon Market is one of the biggest and oldest markets in Cebu City. The area brims with a variety of shops selling almost everything such as clothes, shoes, local produce, cheap yet imported household products, flowers, handicrafts and food items. It is considered as one of the most popular wholesale markets in Cebu City as the shops sell items in bulk at a wholesale price. So, if you are buying a lot of things in bulk, you will be charged the wholesale price. If not, you can always use the art of haggling.

Colon Street

Colon is the heart of downtown Cebu and the oldest street in the country. Years before the large upscale malls were built in the city, Colon Street was the hub of commercial activities. Fortunately, it is still home to several shops selling everything from bags, shoes, clothes to gadgets, accessories, jewelry, pets, kitchen items, home décor, electrical appliances, hardware items and even motorcycle and car parts at lower rates. During a particular time of the year, a night market is set up in the street.

Pasil Wet Market

If you want to have the freshest seafood at affordable rates, Pasil Wet Market is the place. Located in an old district of Cebu, Pasil Wet Market can be your place to get the best seafood for your upcoming gathering with friends or if you just want to cook something delicious while on a trip. The market sets up from 3 am to 6 am, at the crack of dawn. You can find a wide variety of fresh caught fishes arriving from the port and exhibited in the stalls. Not only fishes, there are crabs, squid, shrimps, seaweeds and shellfish lined up in the stalls as well. While you shop for seafood, do not forget to try Nilarang, a special fish soup. You can get it at the karindiryas or road-side food stalls in Pasil.

Taboan Public Market

Only at a distance of two blocks from Pasil is the Taboan Public Market in Cebu. If you or anyone in you travel group is a dried fish lover, know that this one is heaven for you. Taboan Public Market is the largest dried fish market in entire Cebu City. You can easily reach here, no need to ask for direction, just trust your olfactory senses! Apart from dried fish, there are stalls of dried mangoes, a pasalubong staple. Everything here is available at a budget-friendly price. The shopkeepers will even pack the dried fish for you in a proper manner, if asked.

Tabo sa Banay

Are you looking for a place with inexpensive bags, clothes, footwear and malong? Tabo sa Banay is the perfect escape for a shopaholic like you seeking cheap shopping in Cebu. It is a small alleyway in the Manlili Street behind Metro Colon. You can get casual dresses, formal clothes, skirts, jeans, accessories, sandals, shoes and fashionable blouses at highly reasonable prices. Most travelers or locals who head to Tabo sa Banay for shopping are fashionistas seeking a smart deal or businessmen who buy stuff to sell as the vendors here sell items at a lower price when bought in bulk. You can get ready in a whole new outfit just for P500 – P200 for a cardigan and P300 for classy pants. That’s not a bad deal at all!

Ayala Center Cebu

Ayala Center Cebu is the second largest mall in Cebu City situated in Cebu Business Park. The property is owned by Ayala Malls, Cebu and was inaugurated in the year 1994. Over the last decade, the mall has undergone major renovations. As of the moment, Ayala Center Cebu is among the most well-organized and managed malls in the entire Philippines with excellent interior design. It caters to upscale crowd and has got all ranges of international brands. The mall also houses local brands that come with high quality at an affordable price. And the best part, you will find a sale going on somewhere in Ayala throughout the year.     

Now that you know the best places to go shopping in Cebu, you can find the most popular clothes and accessories for friends and family back home. Book cheap flights with iEagle if you are planning a trip to Cebu       

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