6 Reasons why DevOps is Important for Modern Businesses

The adoption of DevOps across the IT industry is increasing rapidly. IDC predicts that the global DevOps market will be valued at $6.6 billion by 2022. In 2017, this market was valued at $2.9 billion. The driving forces behind DevOps adoption are investments in software innovation by enterprises, microservice-based architecture adoption as well as the adoption of any related development methods and high investment in automated and collaborative app development by CEOs and CTOs across the world.

But what makes DevOps services so important for business today? Let’s take a look.

Importance of DevOps Services for Businesses:


  1. Development cycles are shorter:

Businesses today succeed because they can innovate at a higher pace than the competition. DevOps serves the primary goals of continuous delivery, faster feedback and automation. With faster feedback, most errors can be fixed quickly and ensure products are released faster. Combining operations and development in DevOps will also lead to faster development and speedier time to market for applications. 


  1. Continuous release and deployment:

The best practices in software development today need expert teams that can deliver standard quality software whenever needed and thus bring down the time needed to release the app in the market. DevOps can help achieve this through high-level automation. Teams in charge of operations and development can instantly integrate or develop code using the automated CD and CI pipelines. In short, DevOps can facilitate continuous release as well as deployment with higher efficiency and better quality. 


  1. Teams can communicate better:

DevOps can help improve business agility. It creates an environment where integration, effective communication and collaboration flourish in all global-scale teams. The established role-based boundaries within organisations are slowly blurring and encouraging a collaborative environment. This DevOps culture pays more attention to collective results instead of individual objectives. This provides more transparency and a common objective for all.


  1. General costs go down:

Every benefit of DevOps that you have seen above and will read below result in fewer formalities and lower expenses. This brings down the overall requirement and cost of staffing. According to experts, DevOps teams have a 35% lower need for IT personnel and bring costs down by 30%.


  1. Innovative mindset:

The teams that carry out the phase of deployment follow the DevOps team. This team is more relaxed during this phase. These teams have a lower workload because DevOps streamlining procedures prompt quality products and efficient releases. Consequently, there is greater scope for innovative approaches to resolving major issues. 


  1. Higher customer satisfaction:

The State of DevOps report by Puppet showed that deployment frequency within enterprises can improve by as much as 200 times by using DevOps while the rate of change failure comes down three times. With apps performing flawlessly at the production and deployment stages, businesses can ensure higher customer satisfaction. 

As businesses go along this journey, IT teams also improve their knowledge and perspective when it comes to the product lifecycle and customer journey. This culture of learning and improvement is not just beneficial within DevOps domains, but also has greater applications in other industries and business sectors too.


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