6 Reasons why you should use WordPress for your website 2021

As a businessman, you would have wondered several times why you should use WordPress for your website. If you are searching for the best option which is cost-effective and provides a gamut of features then WordPress is the best content management system available in the industry.

Today more than 74 million websites are powered by WordPress. Around 32% of all the websites on the internet are developed or managed on WordPress. WordPress.org is also known as self-hosted WordPress, it started as a blogging tool later evolving into a robust website builder and content management system.

As a content developer or as a website developer you would have come across WordPress while contemplating which technology to use for the same. You would have been confronted with the question of why you should use WordPress for your website.

To answer your query, listed below are the benefits of WordPress which will help you embark on the fascinating and fruitful journey of your Website development.

6 Reasons why you should use WordPress for your website

  • It is free, open-source software

Is WordPress free? Yes, it is free, open-source software which means it can be downloaded installed, and modified as per your requirements. It can be used for creating and developing any kind of website.

Though WordPress.org is free, you need to invest in a domain name and a web host to install it and use it. Most of the WordPress websites are hosted on Bluehost. It is one of the biggest hosting companies and is officially recommended by WordPress.

WPBeginner users are offered a 60% discount on hosting services along with a free domain name. In short, one can start developing and hosting a website at just $2.75 per month. WordPress is open source software which means one can alter or make required changes to its source code in order to customize the website’s functionality or look

  • SEO friendly

WordPress is an SEO friendly content management system. It is very popular with search engines like Google and Bing as it has SEO built into its platform.

Websites powered by WordPress are ranked higher as compared to other websites as the CMS framework makes it very easy for the search engines’ crawlers.

WordPress is written with a standard compliance high-quality code. It automatically creates title tags and Meta descriptions for all the pages. This helps the search engines to know more about your content index it accordingly and move your website up the rankings. Other than this, there are several plugins available to boost your SEO. One such plugin is the Rankmath SEO plugin.

  • Safe and Secure

WordPress has been developed keeping the security and safety of your website and content in mind. The CMS along with the plug-ins are regularly updated.

Users should use caution and download plugins only from trusted sources to ensure the safety and security of their WordPress website. There are several plugins available with WordPress which are secure and can be downloaded.  Sucuri plugin can be used for protecting your website against common threats like brute force attacks and malware.

  • Easy to Customize

Several WordPress users are neither web designers nor programmers. For non-tech savvy users, WordPress is the ideal solution as it has thousands of themes and plugins which can be used for developing a page or website as per their requirements.

You can also customize the theme and make it look the way you want, most of the themes are available with options to change the colors or upload logo, or change the background without having to write any code at all.

One can also add custom functionality to the website by using plugins, WordPress plugins are similar to apps for the website which can be used for introducing advanced features like analytics, contact forms, etc. Similar to themes, WordPress has thousands of free and premium plugins that can be used for customizing the website.

  • Easy To Manage

WordPress is very easy to manage and use, you can start using it as soon as it is installed. It requires no configuration apart from the customizations which you can do as per your requirements.

It comes with a built-in updates management system which helps in easy updating of the plugins and themes from within the WordPress admin dashboard.

Each time a new version of WordPress is available, the user is notified. The new version can be updated with a simple click of a button.

To protect any data loss accidentally or due to hacking, you can easily use a WordPress backup plugin which helps in creating automatic backups and storing the data safely in a remote location.

  • Multiple User facility

Several times the business or company is not the only one who is managing and running the website. Many companies outsource their website development and management to professional website development companies. In case you are not the only one running your website or if you have a team of people managing it, WordPress makes it simple to assign different access roles to different individuals. In simple words with WordPress, you can have multiple users accessing the website and managing it.

Below mentioned are some of the roles multiple users can play with WordPress:

  • A Super Admin is the individual who has complete access to all the website features.
  • An Administrator is the one who has access to all the administration related features.
  • An Editor is a person who can publish posts and approve or remove the posts posted by others.
  • An Author can manage and publish his/her own posts.
  • A Contributor is the one who manages and writes posts that are approved by an administrator.

Importance of WordPress Website and why you should use WordPress for your website

WordPress has a large number of users all across the globe. Few developers prefer using other platforms as compared to WordPress as they are keener on learning and working with certain coding languages.

Almost 1/3rd of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, right from bloggers, business owners, developers, eCommerce professionals, WordPress is their first choice.

WordPress not only maintains complete control over the website, but there are several other benefits of WordPress like availability of plugins, themes, free tools, and complete media support.

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