6 Useful Tips for Traveling with Your Vape Kit

6 Useful Tips for Traveling with Your Vape Kit 

Traveling is fun, but it can be challenging if you have to bring along certain items that are tightly regulated. Vape kits require special preparation and packaging procedures to abide by various travel measures and safety protocols. 

Regardless of the means you use to travel, you need to follow various procedures and rules to bring your kit along. These tips come in handy in helping you get past the checkpoints, terminals and arrive at your destination without any worries or confrontations with security and travel agencies. They also ensure your luggage and the kits are safe. 

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Research vaping regulations at your destination 


Vaping is restricted and highly regulated in various countries. If you are traveling to another country, you need to understand the vaping rules and regulations in the country. The knowledge will save your kit from being disposed of at the airport. It will also save you from landing in police custody. 

Countries like Japan, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Australia allow vaping; however, nicotine juices are illegal. This means you can carry other juices but not nicotine-based juices, such as synthetic nicotine e-juice. Violating such regulations can be considered smuggling; hence you will be liable to the penalties.  

Researching the regulations will also inform you what to carry and what not to carry. For example, if you are traveling to a destination where vaping is legal, you do not have to carry all vaping items and juices. You can easily get the best vape starter kit ranked at your destination or you can order them prior to your trip. If vaping is highly regulated through legal policies, you can carry your favorite vape juices since you may not get them easily.  

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Storing the vape juices and other kits 


The TSA has set a limit on the amount of e-juice you can carry while traveling. Most airlines and trains will allow up to a maximum of 100ml of liquids. You need to ensure the juices are legal and not mixed with other items and stored in special storage kits. 

The best way to travel with the juices is to ensure they are in airtight containers. Check the seals to ensure no leakages. If possible, buy new juices and do not open them until you arrive at your destination. You need to empty the juice from the kits and ensure the tank is free from juices. This prevents leaking or other reactions if the juice gets shaken excessively during travel.  

While traveling with your vape kits, you need a special storage bag to keep other items safe in case of spillage. You can buy a transparent storage bag for easy inspection at the airport terminals and train checkpoints. The bag should be seal-tight to ensure the fluids cannot spill into other items. You can also label the juices to ensure the airport authority can distinguish them from other fluids you are carrying. 

Vaping at the airport  


Most checkpoints, terminals consider vaping to be similar to traditional delivery systems; hence they restrict vaping unless you do it at special and designated areas. If you are interested in vaping, ensure you do it at the zones designed for traditional delivery systems. If you are at the airport or train station with no such points, you can suppress the urge until you arrive at your destination. This will save you from breaking vaping regulations.  

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Taking care of the battery 


Vape kit batteries can easily lead to accidental fires if mishandled. You can also short-circuit the battery accidentally when traveling. This can occur in case of leakage when the fluid comes into contact with the terminals. If you carry all the vaping accessories in one bag, you should remove the battery and cover the terminals to keep it safe.  

Vape kits such as mods may not have safety timers; hence packing without the necessary care can lead to the worst scenarios. The battery may die completely, or the kit may overheat or catch fires. Ensure you completely disconnect the batteries or remove them for safety measures.  

How much do you need to carry? 

The amount and quantity of items to carry will depend on various conditions. First is the regulatory matters. If vaping is legal but tightly regulated, you need to carry enough juices for the duration. The amount to carry also depends on the travel duration. Carry enough to meet your need for the whole journey. 

The amount of juices to carry also depends on cargo limits and regulations. Some airlines do not allow fluids in your bag unless stored in the cargo hold or transported as luggage or parcel. Remember, the amount of juice in the vaping kit also counts; you need to read all the regulations before walking into the airport. Other items such as body sprays, colognes, and drinking water are considered fluids; hence, you need to balance the number of e-juices and other fluids you bring along.  

Traveling with your vape kits in a car or a bus 


Traveling with your kits via a bus or car should not be a challenge. However, you need to pack your kits carefully to avoid leakages and spillages. Ensure all the vape kits are in a designated bag and the kits are empty. Store the fluids in seal-tight containers, and you can wrap a towel around them for safety in case of spillage.  

The Bottom Line 

These tips come in handy regardless of the means of travel you use. They ensure your luggage is safe from spillage and other vape elements such as batteries do not get damaged while traveling. You have nothing to worry about as long as you follow these tips. Remember, research every country you plan to visit and other TSA travel regulations about vaping and traveling to ensure you stay safe from customs and airport authorities.  

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