6 Ways the Car Buying Industry Is Changing

The car buying industry has experienced a transformation in the shopping process caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, new technologies, inventions, and information. These changes have necessitated car dealers to adjust to suit the preferences of the younger generation who now own cars. Here are six changes you might experience when shopping for cars.

Preference to Buying Online


There is an increased tendency of people to shop for cars online. Buying cars is now easy since many dealers have set up websites to research your preferred model. Furthermore, you can easily compare the prices and customer feedback of different dealerships- all at the comfort of your phone. Purchasing cars is now easy as you can even buy used cars online in Canada without physically being yourself at dealership stores. 


You have the freedom to choose anything when you buy online, unlike the limited options offered at dealerships. Some dealers offer you free vehicle delivery and up to seven-day test drives.

Financial Considerations of Buying a Car


The pandemic has dramatically affected people’s financial health, and as a result, people consider many details before buying a car. Unless you are sure of your future financial situation, you have to consider the price of a vehicle before purchasing it. Research by Google revealed that for a quarter of shoppers, financial unpredictability influenced the decision on the car they bought


To combat the financial constraints of their consumers, car dealers have set place deals that do not charge you interest for 6 to 7 years. Please consult with your dealer whether they have withdrawn the penalties for deferment payments.

People Have Switched To Online Launches


The global pandemic has limited car manufacturers from hosting auto shows and vehicle launches. Some dealers have resorted to launching cars online, while others delayed the launch in anticipation of the end of the pandemic. As a response, they developed online showrooms that guarantee you a virtual experience similar to your car’s. You can park your car, close doors, open your car’s trunk, and do a test drive using virtual reality.


You can modify your car to the maximum by choosing your preferred features, such as the color, model, and rims, and can change them later.

Modern Dealership


Dealerships strive to improve, which means keeping up with the many new technologies present in the market. The ultimate goal is to improve the consumer’s experience and become more efficient. You would want to earn a potential client’s trust, which might require tablets to display information to clients. Incorporating technology into your business also creates a good impression on the customer and makes parking easier.


Dealers have also resorted to texting as it is fast, effective, and popular with the young generation. Texting allows you to update users on new releases, share pictures for visual understanding and engage your customers more. Furthermore, you get fewer calls from the young clients

Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicles (EVs) have been in high demand, and dealers have recorded more sales. More people are going green, and thus, you might not want to lag. Moreover, projections show an increase in the prices of gases, and the depletion of fossils might leave you stranded with your car at home. To remain relevant, dealers have included EVs as part of the cars they sell. Dealers who adopt green practices in their operations signify that they care about you and are ready to work with you.

Fewer Cars


There are fewer cars, and this means that contrary to previous experiences of buying cars, you will have limited room to negotiate on price. Consumers are increasingly spending more on cars and are satisfied in finding a suitable vehicle regardless of the cost. As mentioned earlier, consider the state of your finances before you spend money on your intended vehicle. Alternatively, you can negotiate for extra services to reduce additional costs such as rusting of the car.


You might also be aware that the chips used in manufacturing vehicles are essential in manufacturing other products. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, its production reduced and has since been hard to find.



Dealers and consumers have experienced a change in the car-buying journey partly caused by the pandemic, new inventions, and technology. Unexpected events such as the pandemic make it hard for you to predict what the future entails for the automotive industry. Dealers have to incorporate green practices and the internet to remain in business.

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