6 Ways to Get Salon-Perfect Eye Brows At Home

Let’s be totally honest. Eyebrows can be a touchy subject, especially when your own is less than perfect. Today’s trend continues for full, natural-looking brows that add balance and beauty to one’s facial features. If you’re eyebrow-challenged, you’re not alone. Many women of all ages dream of having the ultimate thicker pair, and our salon experts have great tips for achieving the ideal eyebrows at home.

1. Put Down Grooming Tools, ASAP!

You know what we’re talking about.


When you pluck, wax, or trim off too much eyebrow hair, it may not ever regrow again so naturally. Our salon techs advise letting your brows grow in for a few months to see how they appear and whether the hairs are sparse or full.


Patience is required because it will generally take about two to three months for those tiny hairs to begin regrowing.

2. Choosing Pencil, Powder, Or Gel

While your natural brows are growing in, you still want to do your makeup and put on a pretty face.


Take a good look in the mirror at the color of your eyebrows, and go from there in selecting a brow product shade that looks similar to your own eyebrow hairs.


You want your brow makeup to look as natural as you can, so using light, feathering technique is recommended.


There are various formulas that make drawing in or filling in brows easy-breezy. Some of the products include powder and pigmented pens for creating hairlike strokes for the most natural-looking arches.


Also, there are fiber brow gels that offer length, volume, and texture with each stroke.

3. Trying A Conditioning/Growth Formula

If your eyebrows are quite sparse and feature too many gaps, then you can also consider a brow conditioning formula that also promotes growth. Many of these are available as over-the-counter products in drugstores, boutiques, and dept. stores.


These brow conditioners often contain peptides that stimulate hair growth and healthy hair follicle activity.


Biotin and keratin are other key ingredients found in some brow conditioning/growth serums for encouraging additional hair follicle growth and strength.

4. Visiting A Salon For Ultimate Brows

If you’re excited to get the perfect eyebrows and don’t wish to wait around for months on end to see them grow in, then a skilled salon tech can create full, natural-looking brow hairs achieved through a microblading eyebrows machine.


This procedure is more refined than the typical microblading service and can last up to three or four years with the proper aftercare and touch-up appointments.


The device uses smaller needles in nano-needle hair strokes and implants the ideal amount of saturated pigment for preciseness in creating crisp, beautifully colored brow hairs.


The nano-needle itself is flexible and as thin as a strand of hair, and that’s an important feature because this allows for less trauma to the skin, less scabbing, etc.


The nano technique is also excellent for those with oily skin, large pores, and someone with alopecia because it can create an awesome, realistic-looking pair of eyebrows where there isn’t any hair.

5. Applying Castor Oil For Fullness

Some women swear by this old-fashioned remedy to grow thicker eyebrow hairs, and others claim it is merely a myth.


Castor oil is thick and nourishing and full of fatty acids that can encourage speedy hair growth and fullness.


Buy a pure castor oil, and apply it with a cotton swab at nighttime. Massage the oil into the brows with the swab. Then, wash it off in the morning.


Results should start appearing in four to six weeks.

6. Soaping Your Brows Trick

Another way to attain thicker eyebrows is through a beauty tip called soaping.


Look for a clear bar of soap that contains glycerin to hold the hairs in place.


Next, wet the surface of the soap, and drag a spoolie brush along the bar of soap, and fully coat it.


Brush into the brows up and away, and allow them to dry.


Add pencil to fill in any sparse areas.


Don’t fret about your brows. Many women have this issue. These beauty tips will help you create salon-perfect eyebrows at home. You have several options for fullness and glamour.


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