6 Ways to Get the Perfect Smile & Protect Your Teeth

A beautiful smile can improve your self-confidence and change your whole outlook. After all, your smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet you. If you weren’t born with perfect teeth or have encountered dental issues throughout your life, there are ways to improve your appearance. Some are more extensive than others, depending on your particular circumstances. Check out these six ways to get the perfect smile and protect your teeth.

1. Brush and Floss Regularly

The first step to achieving a lovely smile is to take care of your teeth. This starts with your daily dental hygiene routine. No matter what condition your teeth are in right now, you’ll want to brush and floss at least two times each day. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush that fits your mouth well and allows to you reach all areas when you brush your teeth. Use fluoride toothpaste and be sure to get a new toothbrush when your bristles begin to fray, approximately every three to four months. You’ll also need to floss in order to remove the plaque that hides in the crevices between your teeth. This step helps to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis.

2. See Your Dentist Twice a Year

Routine dental appointments are another crucial part of caring for your teeth. Visiting your dentist every six months is a good rule of thumb to follow. At these appointments, you’ll receive a professional cleaning that helps prevent periodontal disease, which causes swollen and bleeding gums. Did you know that poor dental care has been associated with other health conditions like diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and sleep apnea? Keeping your twice-yearly dental appointments will allow your dentist or hygienist to catch any problems and help you to improve your overall health.

3. Consider Whitening Your Teeth

If your smile is dingy or yellow, there is hope. You can try at-home products or schedule a professional whitening treatment. If you’re planning the DIY route, be sure the product you choose is approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). A consultation with your dentist is wise before starting any treatment on your own. Depending upon your situation, professional treatment may be the safest and most effective approach.

4. Benefit from Braces

For those with a crooked smile, there are a number of straightening options. No longer do you need to depend on traditional metal braces. While this is an option, they can cause wearers to feel self-conscious due to their noticeable appearance. Metal braces may also cause discomfort, and they come with some eating restrictions. Another option that is preferable for many patients is Invisalign clear braces. These removable aligners shift the position of your teeth gradually over time like regular braces, but they are not as noticeable in your mouth. They’re comfortable to wear and easy to clean. When considering ways to straighten your teeth, searching for Invisalign near me may be the way to go.

5. Improve the Shape of Your Teeth

If your teeth are misshapen or sharp, there are ways to create a smoother and more even smile. Crowns can completely cover teeth in order to disguise poorly shaped or discolored teeth. Along with improving the appearance of your teeth, they can provide support and strength. Veneers are another way to cover problem teeth. Made of thin material to match your natural teeth, they fit over the front of the tooth. Finally, there is bonding, which fuses bonding materials directly to your teeth to create a strong, gorgeous smile.

6. Fill in the Gaps with Implants

Whether you’re missing a few or all of your teeth, dental implants are a healthy way to replace them. Unlike dentures, implants are a permanent solution that won’t slip and don’t need to be removed for cleaning. They function just like your natural teeth and come with numerous health benefits. Implants help to prevent bone loss and future tooth problems.


These are some of the best ways available to achieve that beautiful and healthy smile you’ve always wanted. There’s no need to feel self-conscious any longer. Your dental professional can help you to determine a treatment plan that’s right for you, and you’ll soon be flashing those pearly whites with confidence. 


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