7 Benefits Of CBD Oil For Sciatica Nerve Pain

If you suffer from sciatica nerve pain, you know how excruciating and tormenting the pain can be. It starts in your lower spine, to your buttocks, and down your leg. It can be so bad that you can’t even walk. Sitting may also be problematic. As a sciatica nerve pain patient, relief is all you want. Traditional medicines, such as opioids, don’t offer any healing benefits and can lead to addiction. For this reason, sciatica nerve pain sufferers are looking into CBD oil as a natural treatment for their condition.


Although there’s limited research on CBD’s effectiveness/sciatica nerve pain, there’s a substantial amount of evidence that CBD is effective for chronic, intractable pain. For example, in a randomized controlled trial conducted this year, it was indicated that CBD is an effective treatment for peripheral neuropathy pain, where the subjects reported a significant reduction in pain and inflammation. This research suggests that sciatica pain can be treated as well, but more research is needed.


What is Sciatica Nerve Pain?

Sciatica nerve pain is when something in the body presses on the sciatica nerve and causes extreme pain from the buttocks down the leg. It can be so painful that you can’t sit or walk. When walking, there’s the risk of falling due to how much pain you have.


Since the pain is both chronic and intractable, it’s not only essential to look at the labels for safety and reliability; it’s also imperative that you buy strong CBD pills for your sciatic nerve pain. 


What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of 113 chemical compounds, called cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive properties (how you get “high”) that THC does. This makes a huge selection of CBD edibles most beneficial for people who don’t want the psychoactive effects that THC does but want all of CBD’s health benefits.


According to a Gallup Poll in 2019, one in seven people have reported having used CBD. That’s approximately 129 to 190 million people worldwide using CBD, according to The United Nations. Alternately, according to the 2019 World Drug Report, about 200 million people globally smoke marijuana to get “high.” This indicates that there’s nearly a 50/50 ratio between CBD and THC use. The numbers show that CBD is quickly gaining popularity for people seeking relief from health conditions.


What are the Health Benefits of CBD oil for Sciatica Nerve Pain?

Like other health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, epilepsy, chronic pain, and more, CBD oil is highly effective for treating sciatica nerve pain. There are seven health benefits of CBD oil for sciatica nerve pain. They are the following:


  • Pain Relief

CBD is an effective relief for pain, including sciatic nerve pain. When treating your sciatica nerve pain with CBD, it’s important to buy CBD that is safe and effective. For this reason, always check labels for authenticity.


  • Nociceptive and Neuropathic Pain Relief

Sciatica nerve pain includes two types of pain — nociceptive and neuropathic. This makes the condition extremely difficult to treat. Nociceptive pain is when damaged tissue causes your nerves to react and send signals to the central nervous system. Neuropathic pain is when the nerves are damaged. CBD can treat both types of pain effectively, giving you whole-body pain relief.


  • No Side Effects

Conventional treatments for sciatica nerve pain, including opioid treatment, are not that effective. Because of this, sciatica nerve pain patients are seeking alternative forms of treatment for their condition. One alternative method that has gained popularity is CBD oil treatment, which effectively treats chronic, intractable pain. Conventional treatments often include side effects, such as addiction and risk for heart attack. CBD has no side effects. 


  • Helps Other Body Processes

Discovered in 1992, the endocannabinoid system in the body has endocannabinoid receptors that work with cannabinoids, such as CBD, to produce homeostasis in the body. Homeostasis is when bodily systems work correctly for overall optimal health. The endocannabinoid system regulates such body processes as pain, digestion, and skin.


  • The Effect of Topical Opioids is Enhanced

It’s well-known that topical opioids are effective at reducing pain. When CBD is added to a treatment regime of topical opioids, the pain-reducing effect of opioids is enhanced, making you pain-free.


  • There’s Instant Relief

Although it’s known that CBD pills take a while to take effect in the body, CBD oil, especially as a tincture, provides quick pain relief. This is important because sciatica nerve pain is one of the most excruciating pains for your body to bear. Because of this, it’s necessary to get quick pain relief that is highly effective. A CBD tincture placed under the tongue or CBD vaping can provide the fast relief you need.


  • Provides Healthy Sleep Patterns and Decreases Anxiety

People who suffer from sciatica nerve pain often report having difficulty sleeping and anxiety. CBD oil can relieve insomnia and anxiety effectively. A cross-sectional study of cannabidiol users indicated that CBD users could successfully treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


Today, it’s well-known that CBD has highly effective health benefits that can provide you total body health. CBD is now known as a miracle medication, especially for the treatment of pain. Sciatica nerve pain is no exception. 

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