7 Causes of dog shivering

Shaky dogs are a fairly common condition, but many owners often do not know the reason why and how to handle it effectively. Here are 7 common causes of this condition.

Dogs tremble when too excited

Shaky dogs can also be caused by anxiety and excitement. If they see a person or thing they like, they can get too excited and trembling. In this case, you do not need to worry too much, but instead, you should take the dog outside to exercise, control it for about 1-2 hours, and should not exercise too much.

Dogs are trembling due to fear

Shaky dogs may be out of fear. Because when they are nervous, they can easily show their physiological responses. For example, if someone hits the dog first, encounters a stronger animal, or during times of thunder or lightning, the dog will feel fear and tremble.

To help your puppy overcome this psychological fear, the owner needs to be attentive and comfortable to alleviate his pet’s fear.

Dogs tremble due to cold

When faced with cold winds, a dog’s body will tremble just like a human. Older dogs or short-haired dogs in particular are often afraid of the cold and there is no way to prevent it.

If it is too cold, you should take steps to warm your dog, such as warm, full clothes. At the same time, give your dog gentle exercise first to warm the body. When you return home, let your dog lie by the fireplace or a warm nest to slowly warm himself up.

Dogs are trembling and cramping due to a lack of calcium

If the dog lacks calcium for a long time, it will also weaken the legs, shiver, or cramp. Therefore, you can choose some high calcium pet calcium tablets to supplement your dog.

Dogs tremble when uncomfortable

If your dog has a physical problem they won’t talk to you. At this point, you should carefully observe its body language. Because sometimes dogs tremble not from cold but can be caused by injury, poisoning. If your puppy shakes more and more severely, it’s best to see her doctor.

Dogs are genetically shaky

Shaky dogs can also be hereditary and it usually occurs between the ages of 10 months and 3 years. Pet dogs are often at greater risk of trembling than hunting dogs, retriever dogs, …

If the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes or in 1 day occurs 3 times, then you need to quickly bring your pet to the vet to prevent brain damage.

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Dogs are trembling due to sequelae of plague

If your dog had a previous plague, it may also be shivering frequently. This is a sequel so it will not harm your dog’s health. In this case, you should choose foods containing high protein and low fat to feed your dog.

The dog is a member of the family, so when your dog is trembling, you should carefully understand the cause. In order to find out how to treat your pet to be healthier.

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