7 Easy Carpet Cleaning Secrets to Try at Home

Among the wide range of flooring variety i-e, wood, marble, bamboo, and tile, the use of carpets is still in demand. In the US, the carpeting industry accounted for 51 % in 2019. From this report, you can estimate the urge for the carpeting industry around the globe.


This article reveals 7 easy carpet cleaning secrets. You can use these handy tips at any time to keep your carpet neat and clean. Whether it’s nail polish spills or mischievous kids’ paste chewing gum on the carpet, after reading this article you’ll be free from such headaches. Therefore, stay in touch to know more about Residential Carpet Cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning the carpet once a week is essential to keep the carpet new. Scrubbing results in the removal of stains and dirt. In homes, kids like to play on carpets. To provide a healthy environment, make sure to clean the carpets thoroughly once a week or after 14 days. This could be tiresome for you, so hire the best cleaning services. 

The cleaning services are based on the deep removal of dust and germs. Furthermore, the rinsing machine helps carpet fibers to extract all the remaining debris. You can make an appointment to avail home maintenance services. Wipeout all the germs, carpet roughness and renew your carpets.  

Vinegar Remedies

The use of vinegar in homes is known to everyone. With the unique stain removing abilities of vinegar, it is used in many stain removing remedies as well. If you see any dirt spot on carpet or rug, or if your carpet looks dirty consider doing this remedy immediately. Moreover, the use of vinegar on the spot right after a spill will result in fast removal.

Take a spray bottle, add vinegar and water. Make sure to mix vinegar half the amount of water. Shake it well until bubbles stop. Next, spray on the affected area. The pungent smell takes some time after the area dries out. Massage the carpet until the spot is gone.

Remove Nail Polish Stains

In a hurry, you may knock out a nail polish bottle on the carpet. In such cases do not panic. Just relax and follow this rapid solution. Either allow nail polish to dry, or else use stain removers. When nail polish gets dry, use the blunt-end tool, or butter knife to pull it off from the carpet.

In the other case, use nail polish remover, or alcohol. Do not worry about the use of alcohol. Alcohol acts as the best nail polish remover. Don’t worry as it won’t affect the color of the rug or carpet. As you apply alcohol, clean the nail polish with a soft cloth or towel. Further, carefully scrub the area. 

Shaving Cream Treatment

Best Carpet Cleaning Services includes swift DIY approaches too. If guests are about to come and you’ve to clean some spotty area of the carpet, this quick remedy can save you. Apply shaving cream on the spotted area, let it dry for 30 minutes. Make a solution of vinegar and water, apply the spray after shaving cream dry. Finally, wipe out the area to clean the dark specks.

Quick Solution Via Baking Soda 

Undoubtedly, every kitchen has baking powder. As the season changes, sometimes the carpet smells stingy. Hiring a Local Carpet Cleaner or cleaning yourself would be a good step. Just vacuum the carpet once to remove any extra dirt. After that, sprinkle baking soda and leave it out in the sunshine for about a day. Wash it out or brush it thoroughly, you will feel the smell gone.

Moreover, you can also use baking soda as a stain remover. Just add baking soda on the dirty spot. Keep a bowl of warm water. Add water gradually with soda as per the need. Now, enjoy the difference after its usage.

The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is considered the best home cleaning remedy and also a disinfectant. This helper allows you to remove any types of stains especially those that resemble blood spots. You have to apply some drops of hydrogen peroxide. The quick action as it falls, creates fuzzy bubbly foam. Do not worry just wait for a while and then clean up the area with a white towel or paper.

Detach a Chew gum From Carpet

The worst you may have to encounter at times is the stingy gum. If the gum is soft, it is almost impossible to remove. So you’ll have to harden it. Apply an ice cube over the gum. As the gum gets harder, you can scrape it off easily. Thus, it can clean the sticky gum from the carpet without destroying it.


In conclusion, there is always a remedy to remove the spots and stinginess from the carpets. People prefer to use carpets due to their soft nature. Furthermore, frequent vacuuming is enough to keep carpets new and fresh. However, you are well aware of how carpets act as magnets to stains and dirt. 


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